The Allure of Fairy Tales

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So often, when we start making a fantasy game, or at least this is true when I start making a fantasy game, the first thing we jump to is a semi-realistic, grounded fantasy. There is magic, but the everyday logic of the real world still prevails. Magic is something a bit like the technology of today. A tool, rather than something that permeates the very fabric of the world.

The recent release of Fairy Tales, from Ayato Sound Create, has got me thinking about the other type of fantasy.

Fairy Tales. I mean, maybe not the same kind of fairy tales where little girls grandmas get eaten by wolves, but the logic of fairy tales.

Fairy tale logic is an interesting take on the magic world. Where things don’t work on logical sense, but rely on a bit of whimsy and narrative convenience.

But isn’t this one way a world truly permeated with magic might behave? If a world ran entirely on belief, maybe a man could actually leap to the moon if he had a reason to believe he could. And maybe he could survive there, and find some cure for a kingdom turned to stone by the Man in the Moon, in revenge for his banishment.

The standard, grounded logic fantasy has been done time and time again in RPGs, so maybe it is time for a bit more whimsy, a bit more of the fantastical. I know I’d be excited to play a few more Fairy Tale inspired games.

And the Fairy Tale pack can definitely get you on your way with the sound!

So what’s your idea for a Fairy Tale logic plot? What do you think of leaving the ground, and going for something a bit more unbelievable? Join us in the comments below!

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