The Calm And the Fury: Art Contest

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Can you art? Do you want some of your arting to be associated with a renowned video game composer? Well, here is your chance!

Join in on The Calm and the Fury Art Contest!

Two albums are coming from the brilliant Hiroki Kikuta, one to accompany the quiet, peaceful times in your game “The Calm”, and one to accompany the action and danger “The Fury.”

And with this contest, YOU have the chance to be the cover artist for the albums! So follow the link, read the rules, and throw in your best piece representing the themes! If you get selected, not only will your art adorn these albums for all time, but you’ll also receive a cash reward, and a signed, physical copy of the album!

Who is Hiroki Kikuta you say?


Hiroki Kikuta is a Japanese video game composer and game designer. His major works as just a composer are Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, and Sōkaigi. He also was the producer, director, writer, concept designer, and composer for the cult hit Koudelka!

If you are an RPG Maker fan, a Hiroki Kikuta fan, or even both, this is the perfect time for your art to shine, do not pass up this opportunity, join the contest today!

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