The Legendary First Seed Material in the Steam Winter Sale, Ending Soon!

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The Steam Winter Sale is coming to an end in less than 24 hours, but you still have the chance to loot some amazing discounts!

And if you’ve been into RPG Maker for a while, the tilesets we are looking at today come from an artist that needs no introduction: First Seed Material.

We were wowed by the packs back in the 2k3 days, and the MV days are no different!

24 Woods and Cave

First up in our “You should act now, because this deal is fire” list is FSM: Woods and Cave.

This tileset includes everything you need for spelunking and wandering the wooded wilderness. And all of it with the normal level of FSM quality and style.

At 35% off, this is a steal!

25 Town of Beginnings

But we are sure you need somewhere for a player to explore those woods and caves FROM, so that of course leads to the earlier MV pack from FSM, FSM: Town of Beginnings.

With this, you can build fantastic towns and cities, and of course integrates perfectly with Woods and Cave to give you enough to easily make a complete game, 50% off until tomorrow.

Don’t miss out on these deals, and more!

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