The RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews Ep 1

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Welcome to the RPG Maker Channel, where our first goal will be to tell you all about RPG Maker MV’s Plugin system! Plugins have the same function as previous RPG Makers Scripts, but now they are easier than ever to drop in and set up. Making your game will be easier than ever.

But let’s go to our veteran heroes, Ralph and Eric, to tell you more about how they work, and a bit about a few of the scripts that you can get at launch.

Stay tuned in for more Plugin Previews, as our countdown to launch continues. And make sure to pick your preorder of RPG Maker MV today! What do you think of the Plugins shown so far? What Plugins do you want to see? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • koruldiakayz

    Very promising!

  • trilient

    This is awesome! I imagine this will be the most versatile RPG Maker yet! 😀


  • Christian

    I want to use all Theolized related scripts

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  • Sumrndmdde Kehrvorb Jeorbrx

    Random question: can we use all the pre-packaged plug-ins in commercial games? Or do they each of their own confusing terms of use?

  • Meku-sama

    Such simplicity. I like it!

  • Zackobrian

    Is there any way to feature in one of these as the first ever fan made community? Or is that too much to ask? 🙂

  • Derry Bryson

    So this is just an ad for Yanfly?

    • Yanfly’s Plugins are part of the Plugins that are available at launch, and are very useful.

  • Derry Bryson

    Are there any previews of the plugins that will allow us to use the 32×32 tile artwork we have already purchased? Thank you.

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  • Eric Adam Hovis

    You’d have an instant sale if I could legally use the RPG Maker MV resources in a commercial Unity game. Or even better, export a project to Unity like an emulator game.

  • Jason Orme

    Love the videos, quick question. Are there any modern tilesets.

  • flashice2030

    where to download plugins? pls anyone who can tell me.

    • Nichathan “The Eternal” Beelze

      given in an email upon purchase for me