The RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews Ep 3

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Good to see you all again for Episode 3 of our RPG Maker Channel Plugin Previews! And for all those here for the first time, make sure to check our previous previews of more great launch plugins.

Last time, we checked out the basics of the Ace to MV converter, but today, we’ll look at it more in depth. We also have a couple of more scripts from Yanfly to show off, designed to enhance and enrich the default battle system.

Now, let’s get the previews started!

Are you going to use any of these plugins? Thinking of converting a game from Ace to MV to take advantage of MVs power and export options? Can’t wait to use the power of Yanfly’s Battle Engine core and Action Sequence Pack to make your battles truly transcendent? Join us in the comments section below.


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  • KaneHart

    I want to make a personal comment outside the video. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s wonderful someone made a tile size plugin but I have a feeling a lot of people need and want this period. Not everyone will want to move to the vanilla 48×48.

    That being said I think it’s slightly urgent that some communication is forwarded to be able to add proper editor support to scale to 32×32 if possible and if it’s not too much work.

    I think at the strong price tag we need to have some the user demands met when it comes to such a core basic feature.

    • Nick Palmer

      The easy way to solve this, which I wish had been shown in the video, is to upscale your tiles to 48×48 (doesn’t matter if the upscale quality is bad) and then use those in the editor. Then, right before you export, take those out and put in the 32×32 tiles and activate the plugin.

      The 48×48 tiles will only ever be used in the editor and a bit in testing, so the fact that they don’t look perfect won’t matter, our exported game will look perfect. Its not the ideal solution, but it lets us use the default editor and still use 32×32 tiles.

      • KaneHart

        That is the thing. Something like this should not need a workaround and a nasty annoying one at that. We all know the workaround. Now let’s see the $80 Engine get proper updates like that being added as an option for the editor.

      • James Westbrook

        thank you. so the tiles won’t be enlarged at all? thanks! me and a friend will need this.

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  • Erick Sitter

    I really hope there is a TileD plugin as that’d solve a lot of problems.

    • KaneHart

      That would be nice too but I sadly would rather have the Editor we paid $80 have the option added rather always relying on third party. One the biggest points is that MV is the future of RPG Maker. It’s sort of the base but it’s the start of something brighter.

      I’m worried that the English Devs will not communicate this to the Japanese Devs on how important it is to us.

      If they want to show us things are changing for the better then we need to start seeing updated requested from the West to actually show up in future updates. So far all I have ever seen is translations mostly. I’m not even sure if any features that was requested by us have even been added in just for us or at least for everyone but mainly used by us.

      The good news is that this should fix a lot of the Japaneses players who been sticking to XP or was it 2k?

      Anyways lets hope for a better future.

  • TJK

    I just got RPG maker MV!!! Is there any blogs that I can go to that has a lot of help on that?

    • TJK

      Sorry if that was off- topic…