The RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews Ep 5

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Four days of previews down, and many more to go. Episode Five  is here!

So what is in store for us today? Will we learn if Eric is single? Will Ralph learn what that even means? Will we finally learn who the father of the baby is? (Editors Note: Wait, what baby?! Have you been going off script again? Are you even watching these episodes?)

Its once again time to glitz up your battles, this time with Yanfly’s Skill Core to spruce up the combat itself, and Victory Aftermath to show your rewards in style. Or maybe you’re a fan of “No Pain, No Gain” and need the HP Skill cost script to bring that for your characters. And last but not least, why not jazz up your Battle UI with Luna Engine Lite?

So click below to see what Ralph and Eric are up to today!


Are any ideas for character skillsets coming to you now? Maybe using something from the Skill Core? Or maybe you want that character who uses HP to fuel his attacks? What would be the theme for his skillset? Are you dreaming of ways to make your Battle UI your own? Tell us all about your plans in the comments section below.

You can gain use of all of these plugins for no pain at all. All of these plugins and more will be ready to use for all RPG Maker MV owners. Preorder today!

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  • KaneHart

    Great Video. Yanfly is really doing some amazing stuff. Honestly without his Plugins it would really break the deal for me. I’m really happy you guys have worked with the scripters to give a really good start to RPG Maker MV.

    I’m looking forward in the future to more sandbox ish Plugins like gathering, tradeskills, maybe even some sort of building/housing system one day hehe.

  • SOC

    Drooling over the Final Fantasy “Dark Knight” archetype. Maybe some Necromancer or Warlock type stuff, too!

    As for Battle UI, I really like it simple. The battle UI in the RPG Maker MV Adventures Part 2 video was perfect for me. I just want to add an ATB Gauge there to the right of the TP like in Fomar’s VX Ace ATB script!

    I wonder if MV will have native support for fogs/lighting effects, or if any of the starter plugins will support those features?

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