The RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews Ep 9

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(Editor’s Note: We now continue our regular scheduled intros without our previous writer, who has left us to become a train hobo, or something. Who cares.)

Eight glorious episodes of the RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews are behind us, and now to hit the home run in the Ninth!

The days are ticking down to the release of RPG Maker MV, and Ralph and Eric aren’t done yet. They have more questions to answer, and more plugins to preview. Will Eric have to make up for Ralph’s general obliviousness? Will whatshisname do something else totally obnoxious?

Today, we have the ultimate time saver Plugin from Yanfly: Base Troop Events, to make your repetitive and time consuming default battle eventing super super simple. Also on display, a quick tutorial on how to use the Main Menu Manager plugin to put a shop right in the menu! And in response to the many, many requests we have received, a brand new, just finished Text Wrapping script is also on display!

Join us in Episode 9 of the RPGMaker Channel to see these and more by clicking below!


Do you have any plans for some default battle events now that you have the Base Troop Events to play with to cut down on the dev time? Does the shop in the menu tutorial give you some great ideas for your own in menu systems? And how much will you love some default text wrapping? Join us in the comments section below.

So with more plugins revealed, its time to preorder RPG Maker MV, right? Do it today!

Now time for some yogurt… hey, wait, what is this in the fridge.


My yogurt. *cry*.

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