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Been eyeing some of our products recently, but not sure if you want to take the dip? Maybe you are starting for the first time and want to pick up one of the makers, maybe you are an experienced RMer and just want to try out IGM, or maybe you want to pick up the Samurai VX RTP (which is also Ace compatible).

In all these cases we are here to help you make the decision easier. This weekend, and this weekend only you can receive a huge 40% discount on any of our current products. How can you get this discount? Just click the Big Shiny Button below or enter the coupon code “wildweekend” when checking out

Be sure to grab what you want before Monday, cause these prices aren’t going to last forever.

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  • PaladinHeart

    I’ve been waiting and watching for RPG Maker VX Ace. Now this weekend sale. According to this article: http://rpgmaker.net/engines/rmvxace/ Ace is supposedly scheduled for release sometime this month. Will you have a reduced price for those who already own RPG Maker VX? Or will it be for nothing if I purchase RPG Maker VX on sale, only for Ace to be released next week?

    • There will be a discount for VX owners buying Ace.

      As for the release date, we have not officially said anything. Notice it says rumored in that article. It will be soon, but any date beyond soon is speculation by the community. That said, even if you want to wait for Ace, IG Maker is also on sale, which some people may want as its fundamentally different from RM. Also, the Samurai RTP is compatible with Ace as well, so that is a good buy.

      • PaladinHeart

        Are you free to say exactly how much of a discount on Ace?
        VX is $36 with this sale. Is the discount at least that much? Or would I be better off to wait and buy Ace without the discount?

        • PaladinHeart

          That’s okay. I went ahead and purchased all your products. If Ace is too high, even with the discount for owning VX, then I can always wait for another wild weekend sale. x]

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