Winter Sale Continues + New Releases: Omega Modern Graphic Pack, 8bit Fantasy RPG Tracks Vol.1

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The RPG Maker Web Winter Sale continues!

Continue to enjoy huge discounts store wide! Sale Ends at the close of the month, so don’t miss out!

But what new toys do we have for this release day?

26 tilesets, over 100 Character Sprites and Face Graphics, 16 fully animated sideview character battlers, 59 sideview enemy battlers, and much much more. Jason Perry brings us a huge collection of pixel style art for a modern game. Everything you need to make your game is here, all you have to do is follow the link!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam!

If there is one thing we know is in vogue right now, its retro style games. And TKProjects has released the perfect soundtrack for the retro game currently rattling around in your head! 24 tracks of chiptune goodness for fields, dungeons, battles, and more!

Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam!

These two packs and more await you on the RPG Maker Web Store, and don’t forget to pick up everything you want in the Winter Sale before the clock strikes midnight January 31st!

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