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We’re very excited to announce the Degigames Beta Testing Program!

Here’s how it works. We’re assembling a team of testers to give us feedback on our games before they’re released to the public. These games are in the beta phase so they will be feature complete but might have some areas that are still unpolished. We need participants, like YOU, to play through them and send us valuable feedback that will go towards improving the game before release!

Is there any compensation?

Testers that participate in the program won’t be paid directly, but we will be providing RPG Maker Web store credit, free games and other incentives!

What kind of games will I be testing?

You’ll be testing some exciting titles coming out of Japan, as well as from indie teams stationed all over the world! In addition to RPGs, there will also be shooters, platformers and other software!

Here’s a few examples of our recent releases, as well as an upcoming title:

Crimzon Clover

Daemon Detective Gaiden

Celestial Tear Demon’s Revenge (not yet released)

What are the requirements to participate?

Most of our titles are distributed via Steam so you’ll need to have an account setup there. You’ll also need to be able to commit a marginal amount of hours to testing each month: 5-10 hours minimum.

Decent writing skills are also a must! You need to be able to communicate issues you encounter with the game clearly as our publishing team will be reviewing your feedback and sending it to the developer(s).

Most importantly you need to be passionate about games! Especially when it comes to finding ways to break them :P.

I’m sold! Where do I sign up?

To sign up, please fill out our application form here: Degigames Beta Tester Application Form. Your application will be reviewed by our publishing team. If it’s approved, we’ll contact you via email.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll consider being part of our team!

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