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Hey, everyone.

The month is wrapping up, and I felt it was a good time to take another look around the community at a helpful thread, a cool project, and an interesting discussion currently ongoing.

Helpful Thread

Ever like one of the characters in the RTP, and you want to use them for something, but then realize they don’t have an SV Battler. Or they don’t have an Enemy battler… well have no fear! Avery has put together “What the RTP is missing” – MV Edition, just for you.

This thread links fan made pieces that try to cover all parts for every RTP character. So head on over and see if there is something you need. And as always, remember to credit!

Cool Project

Our cool project this time is Tailor Tales by one of our favorite resource pack artists Celianna.


Tailor Tales is an Otome game about an aspiring fashion designer opening her own boutique, and finding some time between making clothes to develop some romance.

I like this project because it isn’t your standard RPG Maker project. It isn’t a theme that has been done over and over. Who has played a fashion designer in a video game before? Plus, the art is super cute. It’s still in early beta, but we look forward to seeing where it goes.


An Interesting Discussion

Looking through discussions of gameplay mechanics, one topic really caught my eye, MP & TP Consumption Amounts, Fixed or Fluctuating?

The concept is simple, rather than having a spell/skill cost a static amount, why not have it affected by armor? You are wearing light armor? Then that physical skill costs less to do. Wearing heavy armor, it tires you out quickly. I think this could add an interesting depth to a game if you did it right. Why don’t you jump over to the thread and say what you think.

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