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Starting a new project.

“Time to start the 800th game I won’t finish!”

Maybe you’re just finishing up your IGMC entry, maybe you just need something new to refresh yourself, or maybe this is your first game.

So how do you start your new project? For me it is all about a single concept. That one thing that makes the project worth trying. A story idea. A mechanical idea. A theme. Even just a genre sometimes can be that center spark for a game.

So how do you find that spark?

For me personally, it comes from a lot of places. Maybe while I’m playing a game I go “wait, what if at this point, you were given these kinds of options.” And then my brain considers the type of game that could be built around that mechanic.

“What if I could side with the villain right now?”

Or I’m reading a book or watching a tv show/movie, and some little piece of lore from the fictional world spawns off some concept in my head.

And sometimes its a piece of music. Maybe a musical style that brings to mind a story genre that I haven’t really felt is done enough in games.

Where do you get that spark? How do you develop that spark into a full game idea? Tell the conversation in the comments section below!

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