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So, the RPG Maker team is really excited about the upcoming RPG Maker VX Ace, and we aren’t the only ones. Archeia and rhyme from jumped on the Japanese Ace trial the moment it hit the web.

Despite the restrictions on the trial, they set out to make a game and that game, called Princess Princess, is… surprisingly very good.

While it showed deficiencies in a few areas, mostly because of the VX Ace Trial restrictions, I had a hard time in a lot of other areas noticing. The only glaring flaw was there only being two random encounters in the whole game. I got really tired of snakes and slimes. The map restriction surprisingly didn’t seem to impact the game, and the event restriction seemed to be neatly sidestepped through some interesting tricks. Honestly I can’t wait to see what these two can do with the full version of Ace.

The story follows a group of four heroes as they attempt to rescue a princess from the Evil Overlord. The four heroes are to say the least hilarious, as are most of the NPCs. The humor in the game is really well done.

Man, these bridges, always be breakin'

While it starts with a simple premise, the story takes several twists that were incredibly amusing. The only major problem I had was some of the bosses were a bit over the top in difficulty, especially the Evil Overlord fight, where you fight him and another combatant at the same time.

Not Pictured: Evil Overlord, Pictured: Adorable Boss

I’ll just say that I was pleasantly surprised by this game. I originally went into it expecting to do a review about how it was a fun game considering the restrictions, but I came out of it with the view that it is just a fun game overall.

It also highlighted Ace’s improved RTP, and the TP system. I really liked some of the TP based abilities. Erik’s War Cry and Naia’s Dragon Claw were awesome bosskillers.

His War Cry is Manliness

So now that I’ve gushed about their game this long… its time to hear from them personally. I caught up with them in the dark corners of the internet to ask them a few questions! (Keep in mind restrictions we are talking about are trial limitations, the full version will not have them.)

RPGMakerWeb: Hi, and thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at RPGMakerWeb. So first, Why did you want to try and get out a game so quickly

Archeia Nessiah: hahahahaha

rhyme: (recalling a previous conversation) I bet Craze will release the first ever, RPGMaker VXAce Trial game.” Let’s beat him at it!” “Okay!”

AN: Hello RPGMakerWeb, the reason why we wanted to get a game out quickly is because we’re extremely hyper and excited over VXAce. We wanted to find out what the features are and …to beat Craze. Yes, he beat us before with the very first VX Trial game. so we thought we’ll snatch it this time!

RMW: Ah, did Craze get something out before you guys this time?

AN: nope, we totally beat him! Oh, and he said he wasn’t even trying lately :C

RMW: Well winning by default is still winning. How long did it take you to finish the game after you downloaded the trial? Did you sleep?

RH: Ness, did we sleep?

AN: You know, barely. Technically, 25 hours when we recounted. We barely had sleep and went to college at the same time. I would bother rhyme not to sleep soon so we could do other stuff too. We never turned off our laptops hahaha

RH: Sorry Ness D: i had activities in the morning

AN: It is fine~ You did good job anyway~!

RMW: Do either of you read Japanese? What hurdles did you face working with the trial?

AN: Hahahahahahaha oh man. I can read Japanese a bit. But most of the time, we were looking over VX to make sure what the event commands are. The layout was different on some parts that I wasn’t sure what I was clicking. I had to use Google Translate over some Kanjis during the stat-ing of the monsters. Rhyme had better guesses than I did over event commands and thanks to Esrever, GRS and Touchfuzzy for screenshots of the event commands, it made our life easier.

RH: The biggest trouble was the event limit I think?

AN:  oh man that too

RH:  the crafty workarounds we used for it haha

RMW: Yeah, I noticed a bit with the event limit, but trying to guess how you did certain parts I saw some clever workarounds for things.

AN: definitely that, I remember we had a problem with the world map too

RH:  but due to the limitations, we managed to learn what Regions can really do

RMW: Speaking of Regions, what are your impressions so far of VX Ace? What was your favorite feature?

RH: My favorite was multiple tilesets 😀

AN: My favorites were Regions/Area Painting, Damage Formulas, Skills using Common Events and Traits. Those were the biggest things I really loved. Haha Multiple Tilesets were god sent.

RMW: How did you think up the characters? Which one is your favorite (I’m a personal fan of Erik, but they are all so hilarious)?

RH: Naia *favorite*

AN: oh man, the characters (except Sairen) were made up on the spot. When I wrote the characters, I had base personalities for them. Remius should be this quiet and manipulative leader, Naia has the cute dumbish, girly personality, Erik was the protagonist’s manly best friend, Elicia was supposed to be this religious woman that goes preaching mode, but I later changed it to big sister type that keeps her little brother Erik in line. Sairen on the other hand was a cameo from my game, The Knight and The Prince. I thought Sairen’s androginity would make Sairen stand out because of the character interactions. Based on the time I was writing the story, Erik, Naia and Sairen were my favorites because of the things that happen to them. The Heroes of Lazerine were a last minute add on where Rhyme and I wanted to torture players with hard bosses. But I like it when in media you have these “secret”/”past” heroes with an interesting story so I made them have these vague personalities in hopes the people would take interest in them. Dunno if I succeeded in that.

RMW: Hahaha, I was going to ask about Sairen’s gender but I suppose I’ll get another game to play to get into that more.

AN: yes~

RMW: Well, I have one final question, anything specific you would like to say to my readers while I have them here?

AN: Please look forward for the full version of Princess Princess!

AN: P.S. VXAce is amazing

*AN drags rhyme to answer*

RH: We hope you enjoy the game, and if you have, thanks for playing! And definitely look forward to the release of VX Ace

RMW: Thanks for talking to me. Its been a pleasure.

AN: Thank you for the interview <3

RH: Thank you for the interview 😀

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  • DarkonFullPower

    Yo. Why wasn’t Mikami in this interview? He was helping wasn’t he?

    • I spoke to rhyme, and she doesn’t even know who this Mikami you speak of is. Also the full list of people who worked on it is in the link. Archeia Nessiah and rhyme made the game, Yanfly, Emirpoen, and Deckiller playtested it.

      • DarkonFullPower

        Good. Now I know my friend is bulls***ing me.

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  • Great job Archeia Nessiah and Rhyme. I am so proud of you! 🙂