Tales of the Drunken Paladin: Free, Funny, Fantastical

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As you are probably aware, there are a plethora (a lot) of games that have been created using one of our RPG Makers. Some of them suck and make us want to go home and cry, but some of them are pretty awesome.

“Tales of The Drunken Paladin” is one such awesome game.
It made us cry, but they were tears of laughter.

Here is the author (Steve)’s take on his game.

“Tales of the Drunken Paladin is an RPG crafted in the old-fashion style of early consoles–a time most people now refer to as the “Golden Era” of RPG-gaming. Using Enterbrain’s clever software engine, I’ve personally cobbled together a game that will hopefully speak universal truths about humankind and the world we inhabit straight to the cockles of your heart.

If it doesn’t do that, I can at least hope to make you laugh. This game is intended for comedic purposes and should not be played by human beings younger than or equal to 16 years of age. Because of its adult-oriented thematic elements and culture-referencing material, children simply will not appreciate the humor to as great an extent. If you have children and deem it appropriate and relevant to their interests, go for it, but I’m just sayin’ it now: You’re a terrible parent.”

I’m not sure how we came across this game but it may have been via this awesome promotional Youtube video below.

I’m about 8 hours into this game and have loved almost every minute of it (Pro Tip- press enter to jump over a water tile). So far, I’ve faced rad scorpions, bad potatoes, and Meatloaf.

The game is well thought out and very entertaining. There are lots of different optional side quests, hidden bosses, and generally ridiculous things going on. The stat system is pretty in depth and there are tons of different items that will increase your stats or just make you “lol”.

Oh, and the best part about this game is that it’s free! Yup, 100% free. You can download it from the official website (http://www.drunkenpaladin.com/).
The website also has a bunch more information on the game, some screenshots, reviews, etc. If you’re stuck and/or a noob (like me), then the official walk through might be helpful.

There has already been one expansion released (it’s included in the download) and the third expansion (“Hobotropolis”) comes out on November 1st.

If you’re younger than 16 or get offended easily, then this game might not be for you.
If the above doesn’t apply to you, then you should definitely check this game out.
It’s fun, entertaining, and a great example of what you can create with RPG Maker.


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