(Editor’s Note: We now continue our regular scheduled intros without our previous writer, who has left us to become a train hobo, or something. Who cares.)

Eight glorious episodes of the RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews are behind us, and now to hit the home run in the Ninth!

The days are ticking down to the release of RPG Maker MV, and Ralph and Eric aren’t done yet. They have more questions to answer, and more plugins to preview. Will Eric have to make up for Ralph’s general obliviousness? Will whatshisname do something else totally obnoxious?

Today, we have the ultimate time saver Plugin from Yanfly: Base Troop Events, to make your repetitive and time consuming default battle eventing super super simple. Also on display, a quick tutorial on how to use the Main Menu Manager plugin to put a shop right in the menu! And in response to the many, many requests we have received, a brand new, just finished Text Wrapping script is also on display!

Join us in Episode 9 of the RPGMaker Channel to see these and more by clicking below!


Do you have any plans for some default battle events now that you have the Base Troop Events to play with to cut down on the dev time? Does the shop in the menu tutorial give you some great ideas for your own in menu systems? And how much will you love some default text wrapping? Join us in the comments section below.

So with more plugins revealed, its time to preorder RPG Maker MV, right? Do it today!

Now time for some yogurt… hey, wait, what is this in the fridge.


My yogurt. *cry*.

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(Editor’s Note: Last Chance. Do not screw this up. DO NOT MENTION A BABY. THERE. IS. NO. BABY.)

Wow, we’ve made it to Episode EIGHT. Only 6 more days to RPG Maker MV’s release and there are still many many launch plugins to show!

Feeling quite rested and with full bellies, Ralph and Eric take a break in a quiet meadow to bring us yet another day of Plugin Previews and another round of your questions answered! Will Eric be able to keep him on track? Will Yanfly have to show off yet another unrevealed talent to save the day?

In this episode, Yanfly again shows off coding prowess, presenting us with the ability to add permanent status effects to our characters, using the Auto Passive Effects states plugin. Our fluffy coding master also brings us the Main Menu Manager, a convenient way to alter the commands in the main menu and how they work.

We also have Yami’s Hospital plugin, just in case Ralph suffers from exhaustion again! But enough talk, have at you! Click below to check out the full episode.


Do you plan to change your menu? What do you plan to alter and why? How about Auto Passive Effects? Thinking of a way to use that in your game? Join us in the comments below!

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A baby once bit my sister… (Editor’s Note: You were so close. So close. *Cry*)


(EDITOR’S NOTE: I swear if you say anything about a baby, you’re sacked.)

Hello my fellow RPG Makers, and welcome to Episode 7 of our RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews!

Ralph is back, thanks to the healing powers of Yanfly’s cooking (Is there anything that androgynous ball of fluff can’t do?) and he is ready to answer your questions, show off some plugins, and strike back at the evil Darobach Empire. (Editor’s Note: WHO?!) With Eric at his side, there is no villain he cannot overcome! (Editor’s Note: The only villain here is your incompetence)

Now, its time to upgrade our Items, with Yanfly’s Item Core and Item Upgrade slots. We also have Shaz’s More Escape Codes Plugin, and a complete overview of MV’s character generation system! So click below to take a journey to learn even more about RPG Maker MV!


Are your items going to be enhanced? Which of these do you think is going to make it in your game? Join us in the comments section below. Also. Baby. (Editor’s Note: I hate you.)

Make sure you are ready to go the day it releases, with all these plugin packs and two bonus resource packs by Preordering RPG Maker MV Today!

Also, please save my job (Editor’s Note: You don’t deserve saving)


Day Six of the RPG Maker MV Plugin Previews have arrived, and we continue to astound! (or at least, we hope we do).

When we last left our heroes, Ralph was laying in a hospital bed, dying slowly from an unknown illness (Editors Note: He was tired, not DYING! Actually watch the clips!). Eric was forced to continue on without him, putting on a brave face despite his soon to be deceased comrade. (Editor’s Note: He was taking a NAP!). Will Yanfly be able to heal our poor hero? Does Yanfly look cute in a nurse outfit? (Editor’s Note: Are you serious?!) Will we ever find out whose baby that is? (Editor’s Note: What baby?!)

Are you ready for some more Plugin Action? Then be prepared to check out Yanfly’s Skill Cooldowns! Yanfly also is showing off some tips and tricks with a video on The Molten Giant! (Dun Dun Dun). We also have a few more scripts to show off, including Battleback Scroll, Battle Voices, Escape Dungeon, and more!

Now, get ready to cast Escape Blog, and click below to check out the 6th episode of the RPGMaker Channel Plugin Previews!


Wow, I think I need to take a bit of cooldown myself after checking out that episode. Good thing our New Episode skill cooldown is set to 24 hours! Who knows how high my hype would get otherwise.

So how do these plugins inspire you? What are you going to make with them? What do you think of our Tips and Tricks section. Join us in the comments below.

And don’t forget, be ready to use these scripts and more on October 23rd, by Preordering RPG Maker MV Today!


Four days of previews down, and many more to go. Episode Five  is here!

So what is in store for us today? Will we learn if Eric is single? Will Ralph learn what that even means? Will we finally learn who the father of the baby is? (Editors Note: Wait, what baby?! Have you been going off script again? Are you even watching these episodes?)

Its once again time to glitz up your battles, this time with Yanfly’s Skill Core to spruce up the combat itself, and Victory Aftermath to show your rewards in style. Or maybe you’re a fan of “No Pain, No Gain” and need the HP Skill cost script to bring that for your characters. And last but not least, why not jazz up your Battle UI with Luna Engine Lite?

So click below to see what Ralph and Eric are up to today!


Are any ideas for character skillsets coming to you now? Maybe using something from the Skill Core? Or maybe you want that character who uses HP to fuel his attacks? What would be the theme for his skillset? Are you dreaming of ways to make your Battle UI your own? Tell us all about your plans in the comments section below.

You can gain use of all of these plugins for no pain at all. All of these plugins and more will be ready to use for all RPG Maker MV owners. Preorder today!


Our RPG Maker MV Plugin Previews are continuing down the track with Episode 4!

So whats do Ralph and Erik have in store for us today? Do you want to see more of Yanfly’s brilliant Action Sequences to spice up your battles? An easy to use Item and Enemy Encyclopedia system? Or maybe a couple of more fun ways to make your battles pop with Luna Engine Lite and the Battle Mode Change plugin?

If any of those sound awesome, and they do, then you are in for a treat. Jump on the train and watch Episode 4!

Click Me!

Click Me!

So which of these Plugins are you planning to use? Have a skill in mind for one of those Action Sequences? Can’t wait for your players to dig into the bestiary to learn more about their foes? Or maybe just give your Battle UI a facelift with Luna Engine Lite? Tell us how you plan to use these plugins and more in the comments below.

Be ready to use these plugins and more the day RPG Maker MV releases, PREORDER NOW.


Good to see you all again for Episode 3 of our RPG Maker Channel Plugin Previews! And for all those here for the first time, make sure to check our previous previews of more great launch plugins.

Last time, we checked out the basics of the Ace to MV converter, but today, we’ll look at it more in depth. We also have a couple of more scripts from Yanfly to show off, designed to enhance and enrich the default battle system.

Now, let’s get the previews started!

Are you going to use any of these plugins? Thinking of converting a game from Ace to MV to take advantage of MVs power and export options? Can’t wait to use the power of Yanfly’s Battle Engine core and Action Sequence Pack to make your battles truly transcendent? Join us in the comments section below.



Welcome back to the RPG Maker Channel, where our plugin previews continue! Yesterday, we learned how to install and configure plugins, as well as an overview of Yanfly’s core, resolution adjustment, and 8 directional movement. Today, we’ve got even MORE to show off.

But you aren’t here to listen to me talk, so let’s go to Ralph and Erik to tell us about some more awesome plugins!

So which one are you most hyped for? The ability to transfer your game from Ace to MV? Adjusting the tile size for your maps? Or the tweaks to messages and battles?

All of these are available to EVERYONE who picks up RPG Maker MV, so preorder your copy now!


Welcome to the RPG Maker Channel, where our first goal will be to tell you all about RPG Maker MV’s Plugin system! Plugins have the same function as previous RPG Makers Scripts, but now they are easier than ever to drop in and set up. Making your game will be easier than ever.

But let’s go to our veteran heroes, Ralph and Eric, to tell you more about how they work, and a bit about a few of the scripts that you can get at launch.

Stay tuned in for more Plugin Previews, as our countdown to launch continues. And make sure to pick your preorder of RPG Maker MV today! What do you think of the Plugins shown so far? What Plugins do you want to see? Tell us in the comments below.


degigames logo

We’re very excited to announce the Degigames Beta Testing Program!

Here’s how it works. We’re assembling a team of testers to give us feedback on our games before they’re released to the public. These games are in the beta phase so they will be feature complete but might have some areas that are still unpolished. We need participants, like YOU, to play through them and send us valuable feedback that will go towards improving the game before release!

Is there any compensation?

Testers that participate in the program won’t be paid directly, but we will be providing RPG Maker Web store credit, free games and other incentives!

What kind of games will I be testing?

You’ll be testing some exciting titles coming out of Japan, as well as from indie teams stationed all over the world! In addition to RPGs, there will also be shooters, platformers and other software!

Here’s a few examples of our recent releases, as well as an upcoming title:

Crimzon Clover

Daemon Detective Gaiden

Celestial Tear Demon’s Revenge (not yet released)

What are the requirements to participate?

Most of our titles are distributed via Steam so you’ll need to have an account setup there. You’ll also need to be able to commit a marginal amount of hours to testing each month: 5-10 hours minimum.

Decent writing skills are also a must! You need to be able to communicate issues you encounter with the game clearly as our publishing team will be reviewing your feedback and sending it to the developer(s).

Most importantly you need to be passionate about games! Especially when it comes to finding ways to break them :P.

I’m sold! Where do I sign up?

To sign up, please fill out our application form here: Degigames Beta Tester Application Form. Your application will be reviewed by our publishing team. If it’s approved, we’ll contact you via email.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll consider being part of our team!