Battler Art – Gluttonous Undead

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For this monster I had something to go off of already.  Gluttony, the giant demon toad, was fairly good for some ideation.

So obviously, mouths were going to be a big part of this design.  After noodling around in my sketchbook for a few minutes I had a pretty good idea, so I grabbed a piece of bristol and went to the drawing.


I decided he looked sufficiently gross and then pulled him into the computer for some colors.


I tried to pull out some similar colors to Gluttony, but my technique on this guy was a little different so obviously it wouldn’t be exactly the same.  After I was happy with the first round of flats, I went on to the second round.


With the second round of flats I started pulling out my details and figuring out the broad lighting and texture of the character.  I imagine his skin being quite wet and gross.


And here is the final with a bit of overpainting on the eyes, teeth, and a few other spots.

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About the author: Michael is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Illustrator and concept artist. He specializes in monsters, characters, weapons, armor, and epic environments.

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