Battler Art – Gluttony!

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For this seven sins Battler, I wanted to take a slightly different approach.  Initially I was thinking a more humanoid, fat character, but I wanted to push in a different direction so I started trying to think of how I could work in something like giant mouths.  From there a few sketches later I kind of had this giant toad-like monster with a demon tongue.  I then realized I had him “wielding a sword” in my description.  Obviously that wouldn’t work in his non-existent hands, so I thought it might be cool for the demon tongue to be holding it sort of like Sif in Dark-Souls.


So I sat down with my paper and a pencil and went to it.  I was on a slightly tighter timeline this time, so I decided to do all of my coloring digitally.


Here is my tonal comp, I have my broad light-scheme pretty much mapped out here.


Here I added color lightly underneath my tonal layer(set to multiply).  You can see my quick palette in the upper left; I was sampling most of my colors from here.


Here I’ve merged my tonal and color layers and started into that layer with some blender brushes, picking out details and detailing textures.


And here is the final with some more work into the dark areas, more detail work and highlights, and some fancy rim lighting on the right side.

Check out the time-lapse here:

About the author: Michael is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Illustrator and concept artist. He specializes in monsters, characters, weapons, armor, and epic environments.

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