Battler Art – Runic Hunter!

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So for the Runic Hunter, I had a pretty decent description going in

Mt. Zurat Summoner/Hunter – These Summoners wield special rune magic to capture magical beasts and demons.  Clad in white robes with tooled golden masks, their weapons are etched with sigils of capture and control.

I obviously tweaked the name a bit since I thought Mt. Zurat Summoner/Hunter wasn’t exactly amazing.  So I just made up something based off my description and sketch.


So obviously the white robe and golden mask were a must, and I wanted to put lots of runes on things.  I also decided to make it a lady, which I thought would be something fun and different for the community since I usually just have giant, gross monsters!


A rare mid process drawing, I wanted to show someone on the team where I was at with the character, so I took a photo pretty early on.  Its easy to see how sketchy I am at the beginning.


A little further along and in the computer.  I ended up doing a revision on the left sword to make it a little less flat to the viewer.


After a quick tonal I started to think about my colors.  A friend suggested the use of red in the photo above, and I am really pleased with how it turned out.  As you can see around the edges, I set up my palette with the blender brush.


Here I’ve pushed the values a bit more with some painting over the above layers I set up.  Now its time to move onto effects!


Glows and rim lighting, go!  This is my final, which was then posted on the site for download.

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