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I did quite a few sketches for Sloth before I started on the final drawing.  I tried to draw some inspiration by looking up some other art that was made for Sloth demons, although most of those biblical illustrations weren’t terribly helpful.  I ended up going back to the Pygmy art I had done, and kind of combining the mask with this giant demon slug thing.


So here it is taped to my board.  After doing the line drawing I used some acrylic ink to get some of the tones, and then some straight from the tube white to get some highlights.  After this I had planned to oil paint it, but that turned into a disaster, so it was a good thing I took a few good photos!


So I got it into the computer and did some more tonal work, really defining the form before I started in with any color.


Using an overlay and hard light layer, I got some color onto the form, I fiddled around with this step for a while getting the look I wanted and experimenting with layer styles.


Here I have the majority of the digital painting done on a new normal layer on top of everything.  If I ended up doing more, I would probably get back in there on the skin and make it look more wet and gross.


And here is the final with some additional effects, rendering, and edge lighting.

Additionally in my post I did a quick narrative illustration


Of Sloth bursting through into the material world from a summoning circle.  This is done a bit differently from most of my battlers, as is probably evident.

I started with a quick line drawing, then filled the canvas with a midtone grey.  From there I fiddled around with some gradients for a tonal scheme, then posterized it to give myself some rough values.  After that it was a matter of putting the proper tones in the proper places, then roughing everything up with some custom brushes and a super screened back cave image to give some of the side walls and ground a bit of extra texture.  I enjoy doing these for the story, and if I have time I will probably continue; maybe next time I’ll have a more proper step by step for this as well!

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About the author: Michael is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Illustrator and concept artist. He specializes in monsters, characters, weapons, armor, and epic environments.

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  • I love the look you have for Sloth. I wouldn’t mind seeing Greed/Avarice next

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