Battler Art Step by Step, Hoarfrost Guardian

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Ice beast, ice warrior, guardian.  These were some of the descriptors bouncing around in my head when I started doing some concepts for this enemy.  Initial sketches landed pretty much where I expected


After loosely defining what I had in mind I jumped into drawing.  This is done on 11×17 bristol


My main shapes are established here and I have a pretty good idea of the direction I am heading.  I switch over to my fancy mechanical pencil and get down to the real drawing


So now it is scanned into the computer and I’ve cleaned it up a little; mostly just levels and erasing a few stray lines.  I’ve had a good idea for the color scheme since the beginning so I lay in some flat midtones.


Cool blues turned out to be a good base.  I laid those in and colorized some of my lines as well.  From here it was down to rendering the final!


I worked into my blues with white highlights quite a lot and then added a bunch of cool icy smoke.  Pretty happy with the way this guy turned out!  I also did a quick color overlay as well to make a variant.


I’ve also recorded a video of some of my render process, check it out here:

You can download this enemy battler and vote in the poll for the next one here!

About the author: Michael is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Illustrator and concept artist. He specializes in monsters, characters, weapons, armor, and epic environments.

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  • Nirwanda

    Wow!I love the precision with which you apply lighting and shadows.
    Choosing how to apply lighting has always crippled me whenever I tried to draw. I just can’t wrap my head around how it should work, so it’s a joy to watch how it’s supposed to be done by an expert.
    Keep up the good work. 🙂

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