Battler Art Step by Step: Lich!

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I was a bit surprised when this guy won, but I had a pretty good description written in for him so the creation of his assets wasn’t too difficult.

Lich – A necromancer wielding immense power, it carries a crystal topped stave that emanates with energy, unlike its shifting corpse-like body barely covered by threadbare rags that may have once been regal robes.


A pretty good description I thought, it won the poll after all!  After a bit of fiddling in my sketchbook I had a pretty decent idea of where I wanted to go so I put some pencils down on 11×17 smooth bristol.  I got it all scanned in and leveled, and after some slight adjustment to the size of the staff I got down to some colors.


A primarily cool color scheme was what I had in mind and I feel it worked pretty well, with a few warm bits to catch your eye.


Here I had most of the blended values in place, then it was onto the final overpaint and effects.


And here is the final!

Check out the time-lapse!

Go vote in the poll and download the assets here!

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