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So with the Wind Dragon we took a slightly different tact, getting descriptions from the community on what to do.  Here is what I ended up reading several times before sketching things out:

A dragon, turquoise in color, is hovering in the air on its massive, outstretched wings. The dragon’s scales are not jagged but instead smooth, giving it a bit of a sheen. Its body is muscular but lean; the dragon appears to be exceptionally aerodynamic. Its arms are slender and end in wicked claws suited for grabbing and slicing prey alike. Its head is small but proportional, and instead of a muzzle the dragon is sporting a beak-like mouth. Its eyes glow with a subtle white light. It has two horns that jut out the back of its head, and point directly behind the head to reinforce the aerodynamic feel of the dragon. Its underbelly is lightly armored with thicker, slightly discolored scales, as if to protect itself during its (very frequent) fly-by attacks. The dragon looks like it is ready to attack its potential prey, claws and beak at the ready.

So from this I had a color scheme and a good idea of what I wanted it to look like, and a good pose to shoot for.


I figured out a rough pose pretty quick, then I did a quick profile to figure out the main shape.  Then I pulled out some canvas and started drawing.


So I mixed together some raw umber, olive green, and black and thinned it down quite a bit with mineral spirits to make the wash you can see in the background.  After I had laid that in, I just started to build up the shapes more opaquely with paint and linseed oil.  After I had that mostly accomplished I started putting paint directly on the canvas opaquely to get the darkest spots.  I then went back in with some titanium white to do a few highlights.


Here it is after I got it into the computer and cleaned it up a bit.  I also dodged my highlights a bit in photoshop because I didn’t really have time to let them dry for another application of titanium white.


At this stage I started to add color using overlay and hard light layers, my intent was not to obscure any of the underpainting but give it some rough color.  After I was pretty happy with my color choices I moved onto the final overpaint.


For the final paint I got a pretty textured brush and just started opaquely going over my previous layers, on a new top-most layer.  I will capture this process on the next character, but I didn’t this time since I was trying something new.  After I painted over most of everything I added some fiery effects as well.  And that’s it!


And here was a quick color variation I did, mostly just using hue-saturation and then some additional glowy bits.

Download the files and vote in the poll here:

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