Free Code of Princess and Umihara Kawase Character Packs!

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The two things I know that all RPG Maker users love are more resources, and free stuff. So we’ve partnered together with Studio Saizensen to provide you both! Two free character packs featuring characters from their games to all owners of RPG Maker MV!

Umihara Kawase Graphic Set

The first of the two free packs we have available is from the amazing puzzle platformer series Umihara Kawase!


The pack features four characters, with walking sprites, facesets, and portraits, covering all the playable characters from the latest game in the series Sayonara Umihara Kawase.

Make your own games featuring the fishing line wielding heroine, or just use them for small cameos: They are perfect for use in almost any game set in the modern day.

Don’t know anything about Umihara Kawase? Don’t worry, you can pick up the whole series for a low low price during the Steam Summer Sale!


Umihara Kawase is a technique based platformer in which you swing, repel, and launch yourself around fantastically designed stages using a fishing hook and line. As the title hero Kawase, can you overcome master the simple yet complex physics of the hook and line?

Code of Princess Graphic Set

But maybe you want something a little more fantasy? Then maybe you need to download the Code of Princess Graphic Set!


This pack also contains the four main characters from the game, the princess Solange, the thief Ali Baba, Zozo the necromancer, and the bard Allegro. With four walking sprites, facesets, and portraits, they too are ready to join your RPG Maker game.

You can easily make a game about these four characters, but they too are great for cameos, fitting into almost any fantasy game.

Code of Princess is also available in the Steam Summer Sale, so why don’t you give it a shot?


Code of Princess is a short stage based beat’em up, but that isn’t all. For all the RPG fans out there, it features all the mainstays of RPG customization. Stat growth, equipment, levels, experience. Build your heroes the way you want to! In addition, nearly everything in the game is playable in online mode, from dragons to little old ladies. Pick it up today!

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