From A to Z – FSM: Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1

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From A to Z – FSM: Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1

Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1 is the first in a line of generator expansion DLC that comes straight from the artists behind RPG Maker MV’s RTP – the standard resources distributed with the RPG Maker MV engine. One of the big draws of having a generator is the ability to create a vast variety of characters that can play any role in your projects – from the main heroes and villains to the one-liner townsfolk NPCs.

I like to think of a generator as one big building-block set – you’ve got all these bits and pieces you can put together in many ways to end up with hundreds of different combinations. With that metaphor, generator expansions like Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1 are the specialized mini sets – they have bits and pieces that are more uniquely-shaped. They may not always fit your project as a whole, but you will still find details that will fit perfectly and make character generating faster.

Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1 is described as “temple-oriented”. As such, it’s perfect for the classic Japanese temple environment. It pairs particularly well with Twilight Shrine: Japanese Resource Pack, which contains tileset and music you could use to create an authentic environment. Beyond that, Expansion 1 features parts for an iconic Ninja character – which is a fantastic addition to those of you who are looking for a new hero class.


Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1 contains the following:

  • Front Hair: 3 Male, 3 Female
  • Rear Hair: 3 Male, 3 Female
  • Beard: 1 Male
  • Ears: 1 Male/Female (common to both genders)
  • Eyes: 2 Male/ 2 Female
  • Eyebrows: 1 Male
  • Facial Mark: 1 Male/Female (common to both genders)
  • Wing: 1 Male/Female (common to both genders)
  • Clothing: 4 Male, 3 Female
  • Accessory 1: 2 Male/Female (common to both genders)
  • Accessory 2: 6 Male/Female (common to both genders), 1 Female
  • Glasses: 1 Male/Female (common to both genders)

Total: 38 parts

One of my favorite things in video games is when the characters change their costume – whether the change is due to a special event or due to the player acquiring a new costume. I feel that the change makes the character feel more dynamic and realistic, which goes a long way to enhancing the player’s experience. Even a short scene of the party taking a vacation from their adventure can be a great opportunity for character development. With this in mind, I created alternate costumes for a couple of characters:

j-ch-g-01 j-ch-g-02

It’s not a big change, but it immediately inspired me to create a hot-springs scene where my party is taking a well-deserved break in between two major quest hubs:


I used a combination of RPG Maker RTP and the tiles from Call of Darkness: Japanese Resource Pack to make a dual-screen map, with a few edits to keep the details proportional to the map.

Although we always encourage you to use your own creative ideas, we wanted to share a few settings Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1 can be used in:

  • Casino for mini-games. Since casinos tend to be exotic, having a traditional Japanese setting and costumes can be acceptable – regardless of your project’s usual setting. RPG Maker RTP has a couple of game tables that can help with the casino setting.
  • A classic tea-room or hot-springs tourist destinations. A place for your party to rest and relax might be just what you need to help manage the story’s narrative. A break in the action is a great way to develop characters, in addition to giving your player a little time to stock up on consumables and equipment upgrades.
  • New hairstyles can be used to make unique NPCs, or a way to give your hero a new hairstyle. It could be as simple as putting their hair up/down or as complex as giving them a disguise as they’re sneaking around the evil guy’s headquarters.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look into Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1. We’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions. Chime down below or join in the discussion on our Facebook page or our Community Forum.

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