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Sci Fi Battlebacks is a backgrounds pack created by Michael Rookard. A first in a series of science fiction resources, this pack includes a variety of futuristic environments that’s right at home in a variety of game settings.


Michael’s recognizable style is an interesting mix of realism and western-style comic books, with a dash of classic fantasy. Looking through each piece, you can see how he’s inspired by some of the popular futuristic games such as Mass Effect and Starcraft – while at the same time paying homage to fantasy settings found in games such as World of Warcraft and Skyrim. The resulting art is something that can span over several types of science fiction, be it set in a faraway future or a medieval-fantasy-meets-futuristic-time-travel setting.

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Sci Fi Battlebacks contains the following:

  • 19 Battleback 1 floors – which can be used alone, or in combination with Battlebacks 2.
  • 13 Battleback 2 floors – which can be used in combination with Battlebacks 1 or with Battleback 1 files that come with RPG Maker.
  • Battleback 1 includes: alien planet (x2), alien airship (2 color variants), engineering, hive city slums (2 variations), med bay (2 variations), moonscape, spaceship bridge (4 variations), shipwreck (2 variations), space elevator and futuristic floor (2 variants)
  • Battleback 2 includes: alien ship wall (2 variants), engineering (x2), moonscape (x2), ship walls (x2), space elevator (x3) and futuristic wall (2 variants)

Here are a couple of screenshots of these battlebacks in action:


This moonscape is an essential background that can be used for battle encounters during a planet surface exploration. It can also easily be adapted to a visual-novel style of storytelling or used as a title background.


This outer-space balcony makes a great backdrop for an alien invasion. Sci Fi Battlebacks includes a couple of battleback 2 images that feature spaceship fleets – this is a perfect way to show an increase in danger. In addition, the background can be used in a parallax capacity, with the characters walking along the bottom.

Lastly, here are a few thoughts and ideas to get your creative wheels whirring:

  • As mentioned, it would be pretty easy to use these battlebacks as game titles or parallax backgrounds in special events/scenes. You can also get extra usefulness from them by using a tint screen command – or, alternatively, using an art program to change the colors and tones of the backgrounds.
  • Don’t fret if your game is not in the same style as these backgrounds. They can still be used as a part of a mini-game, or a special event such as a battle arena. And if your project has no battles, these backgrounds make great “display art” background for galleries and monster bestiaries.
  • Lastly, these backgrounds are great for short games or challenge games. If you take part in game development challenges, having ready-to-use art is a lifesaver! Not only does it mean less time spent on development (since you don’t have to also make all the art), but it can be a great source of inspiration. Having to limit yourself to just the environments covered by the graphic pack can make for a very unique and creative story.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look into Sci Fi Battlebacks. We’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions. Chime down below or join in the discussion on our Facebook page or our Community Forum.

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