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Hey guys,

One thing I know when I’m working on a game is that facesets can be hard to come by, especially facesets all in one matching style. Hopefully, today’s feature will help everyone out with this.

This feature is the blog Jalen’s Jamboree which contains a mixture of things but its largest resource is a collection of RTP style portraits with matching sprites. Be sure to read the credits on each blog post, as most of the sprites were made for Jalen by others.

She has made several original characters, all of which are free to use in noncommercial projects. These characters are very nicely detailed.

Florian in his spiffy vest is my favorite original.

She also has two classic Nintendo character portraits, both of which are very well made: a Zero Suit Samus and a Link (with or without his hat).

I prefer silly hats myself.

Speaking of hats, I’m starting to think Jalen takes some bizarre pleasure in knocking them off heads as she has an additional three or four portraits from the RTP with their hats removed.

Another post on her blog is a collection of eight maid portraits, for those who are interested in creating rpgs with plots based on certain shoujo anime.

Poor Elmer, I can't take you seriously as a brooding anti-hero now.

The blogs contains a number of other things, too, way too many to list in one blog post. Go explore her blog and maybe find the next hero of your game! And please, please let it be Maid Elmer, but if it isn’t, come back and tell us what you liked!

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