Resource Staff January 2013 Release

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Welcome everyone to Restaff’s 2013’s First Release!
This month of January has been delayed for quite a while, but we deliver quite an ample amount of goodies!

Here we go!



For any information about the commercial usage of the ReStaff work, go to this thread.

We also don’t allow the resources to be redistributed anywhere else.
If you want to share it, please direct them here instead!
Thank you for your patronage.



First up is the debut of our Guest Contributor, Indrah!
She’s been awesome to create a huge pile of tile edits to create something new for your maps! It can be anything, from a general store, to an adult store and even a dye shop. Check them out!


Second is from one of our newest ReStaff, the charming, PandaMaru!
Looking for pool materials to decorate your modern-esque setting? Have no fear! PandaMaru graciously provides us with a nice set of materials to help you with that!


Next up is from one of our newest ReStaff, the energetic, Lemony!
For this month, he releases a script that gives you the option to have pretty pop ups!
This script allows you to show stackable messages on screen and even set background images for them!



The fourth one is from our hulking art machine, Thalzon!
Ever wanted some robotic battlers for your sci-fi game? Thalzon graciously provides us five battlers to help you just with that!


The next one goes to our awesome scripter, Fomar0153!
He created a script that anyone would sought after, A Persistent Data Script!
It allows you to preserve the values of selected variables and switches across all games.
So you don’t need to have a save file to know what CGs the player has unlocked! Persistent Data helps you with that!


If you’re a fan of the previous pixel icon releases, the amazing EvilEagles created more to add to that collection! He created 11 pixel icons this time from gems to the famous Fate/Stay Night Saber’s Gear.


The seventh one is from our hard working pixel artist, Shiro!
Ever wanted some pixel battlers? Shiro created 8 with earthly tone for your games!


What kind of JRPG doesn’t have a crossdressing minigame?
We know we loved FF7 and it’s been Archeia and Scinaya‘s goal to always make men feel pretty and wanted. And so, they have finally taken the first step by giving Ralph ribbons and a nice sexy dress.


The ninth one goes to our fantastic artist, Liberty, with her nice tileset edits!
It will surely help provide some atmosphere to your games~


And finally, our last contribution for this month goes to Timmah with 9 animations!
From Anti-Magic spells to Power-related skills, they will surely help you add more spice to your battle system!

We hope that you will enjoy this release~
We look forward to your games that will use them!

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