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Download it over here!
Welcome everyone to Restaff’s Eighth Release!
This month of November has been crazy with releases! Here we go!
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Please remember to credit the makers of the resources if you use them!
We also don’t allow the resources to be redistributed anywhere else.
If you want to share it, please direct them here instead!
Thank you for your patronage.
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First up is from the awesome, Fomar0153!
This month he contributed two scripts that could potentially help spice up your battles.
The first script focuses on Smarter AI! It’s a script that makes enemies heal the most injured person, buff/debuff a target who is already buffed/debuffed over a target who isn’t.
The second script is about triggering codes based on conditions, such as a battler loses or gains a state, etc.
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Second is from the resident artist, Archeia_Nessiah!
Based on Thalzon’s fabulous fencer, she created a bust shot, facesets AND a sprite for it.
Enjoy the Badass Grandma and kick some monster ass!
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Third is from our fantastic, EvilEagles!
He created 17 large icons! How you will use it depends on you, but they are awesomely made!
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Fourth is from our art machine, Thalzon!
Ever wanted some Townsfolk/Civilian Battlers for your game?
Don’t worry! Thalzon got your back! He made 9 battlers to help you spice up your game!
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Fifth is from our awesome friend, Timmah!
He created 7 colorful battle animations that could help make your skills more interesting!
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Last, but not the least, a contribution from our lovely admin, Lunarea!
She created two trees, one for fall and one for winter, that could help add some variety to your maps~

We hope that you will enjoy this release~
We look forward to your games that will use them!

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    You keep giving us free and awesome stuff and that shows us how cool you are. Thanks for all you do !