RPG Maker Web Holiday Sales, Releases, Contests, and Freebies!

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Christmas is over, but RPG Maker isn’t done with the Holidays yet! Not only can you still buy RPG Maker products at great prices in the RPG Maker Web and Steam Winter Sales, but we’re also doing releases, contests, and even freebies!


From Bittersweet Entertainment, as a follow up to the original Samurai Classics, Samurai Classics: Temple of Darkness brings 17 brand new tracks, and 10 new sound effects inspired by Japanese shrines and temples.

Take a listen to the samples over on sound cloud, and you are sure to want to pick it up today!


For the second expansion to Celianna’s Ancient Dungeons, we have Ancient Dungeons Winter! Get in the mood for the season with this expertly crafted snow and ice filled set!

And for the full effect, be sure to pick up the original Ancient Dungeons!


And if you are an artist, it is time to enter the Calm and the Fury Art Contest. Renowned video game composer Hiroki Kikuta is doing two RPG Maker music packs, and your art could be the covers!

Follow the link for full rules, and make sure to get your entry in before the deadline!

Contests, sales, releases, make sure check them all out, but also be sure to check out the RPG Maker Web Resource Staff release, and get some freebies for Christmas today!

Happy Holidays, Happy RMing, and have a great rest of the year!

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