Straight from KADOKAWA: New Generator Parts DLC!

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What is better than DLC that add new characters sprites/faces for you to use?

DLC that give you new GENERATOR parts so that you can make an almost endless number (I mean, I’m not going to count) of new sprites and facesets for your game!

And that is what we have. Straight from KADOKAWA, we have three new packs that feature traditional Japanese clothing, accessories, hairstyles, and more!


The first pack focuses on Temples, featuring 38 new pieces to make your characters from. My personal favorites from this pack include an eyepatch made from a tsuba (the handguard from a katana), as well as the ninja hood.

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The second pack focuses on something a bit more sinister. Curses and darkness. Of the 35 parts included, I’m a fan of the third eye, and the curse preparation candles on head piece.

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And the final pack focuses on the excitement and spectacle of festivals with 45 new parts! My favorite is by far the oni mask, but every piece has its place.

Pick up the pieces you need, or buy all three packs for a total of 118 new pieces to make your characters more unique!

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