5 Small Things In RPG Maker MV That I Get Wrong Repeatedly

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I’ve been working on a “super secret project” the last few days. This experience after not having used the editor for a while has reminded me of one thing: Sometimes, I’m dumb.

So, instead of wallowing in it, I’ve decided to share my dumbness, so that maybe, one of you will be spared from making the same dumb mistakes. That or you can laugh at me. One or the other.

1. Movement and Sound Effects.

Ok, so, say you want a sound effect to be associated with a certain movement. Like, for instance what I was doing was having a damage sound effect associated with a jump move route for the player.

So what you don’t want to do, is place it AFTER the movement. Because of the wait for completion, the sound effect won’t play until after the action is done.


And now, I’m sure you’re telling yourself. Yeah, but, why don’t you just put the Play SE IN the Movement Route.

Well, first… Hm… No… I got no answer. I’m dumb. You got me. So, going forward:

2. Remember that Movement Routes can do all kinds of cool things.

Who needs parallel processes when you can use custom move routes for a lot of things.

You can turn switches on and off, play sound effects, put in waits… you can even do a script call if you need to do something really interesting.


In the above, I controlled a timed set of switches, included playing the sound effects, all from a custom move route, rather than using the events actual contents.

3. When moving events or the player, always remember Through.

You know what happens if you make an event that tells the player or another event to move through something it can’t move through. Well if you didn’t click “skip if cannot move” then your game is going nowhere fast if you don’t turn on through.


Through lets the move route ignore barriers. Very useful in many cases, such as the above event which opened a secret passage. The event switched places with the event that slid out of the way, turning into the transfer event, while the other event just sat pretty being a visual of the piece of wall that moved. Which leads to another problem:

4. Just like Erase Event, moved events go back when you reload a map.

So I had my cool secret passage, but when I came back out… the wall was back in place and now my passage event is in the wrong place.


The wall was back where it originally was put, and because it had switched places before, the event that WAS slid under it to turn into the transfer was just hanging out there in the wrong place, too. I solved this by adding another page to the events that made the original transfer event become the wall and the wall become the transfer event after the first time you went through it, but I’m sure there are many other solutions to this problem. And finally, one last problem, this one somewhat unrelated:

5. When using the Color Codes for Text. It starts with ZERO.

So, you go to set up a huge puzzle that all has to do with color coded words and phrases and you are going good and have it all coded in and then suddenly. You notice. Your colors have betrayed you. Why is this?

Start counting at ZERO, not 1.


Seriously. I was so angry with myself. I mean, I just had to go through and subtract 1 from a bunch of numbers but uuuugh. So in the above: White is 0, blue is 1, red is 2, green is 3, etc. etc. Don’t fall into the same trap and spend 5 minutes fixing your mistakes.

So what mistakes do you make over and over? Or maybe you’ve done some of the same things I have? Tell me your stories in the comments below!

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