Battlebacks in MV, new features and specifications

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Battlebacks are quite ubiquitous when it comes to RPGmaker.  Throughout VX and before, they were pretty easy to figure out.  A floor and wall graphic, and you’re set.  Well, the floor and wall are still quite necessary, but there are a few new considerations to take into account when creating your own battlebacks for RPGMaker MV.

Here is a handy graphic I’ve created as a quick guide for you battleback creators out there, which I will go over in depth.


Overall size 1000×740: This is the overall size for your document, it includes the live area and the overflow regions.  This has increased considerably from VX and previous versions of RPGMaker.  It should still be made up of floor and wall .png files.

Live Area 816×624: This is the section of your battleback that will be viewed the most during a battle sequence.  As you can see, depending on your sideview battler selection, this area changes.  With sideview battler turned on, it prioritizes the floor, and with sideview battler turned off, it prioritizes the wall.  When designing a custom battleback, you should keep in mind what setting it should be used for.

Overflow/Camera Shake Area: MV introduces camera shakes and pans during battle for a more visceral experience.  The overflow areas are required so the game engine does not display black bars around your battleback.  Keep in mind, these regions of your battleback will rarely be visible and will mostly be used simply for movement transitions.  Don’t put anything TOO detailed that you want the player to see in these areas.

Horizon: this is simply a rough guide to where you should place your wall imagery, you don’t want your sideview characters standing on it; it looks super weird.

My suggestion would be, take a screenshot of the battle mode and build off of that for your MV battlebacks; or just grab the below image as a guide and screen it back on another layer of your document.

Side view demo


Front view demo


Good luck with your battleback creations!

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