Thinking Outside the Box: Challenge 2

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So, last time we cheated the autotile system to give us tile and a half high walls. Are you ready for the second challenge?

Challenge 2 FIGHT!

For this challenge I’m going to give you an enemy, two skills, and a modified state to use.

The enemy!

The skills!

This skill targets 3 random enemies and induces deep sleep 75% of the time on each enemy.

This skill drains hp from all enemies equal to the casters magic attack * 4 – the targets magic defense * 2, but ONLY works if the target is affected by the state Deep Sleep (make sure the number in bstate?(*) is the same as Deep Sleep’s state number in the database). Otherwise it does 0 damage. This uses a custom damage formula based on Fomar’s excellent custom damage formula tutorial to accomplish this.

And this is the State:

Deep Sleep is identical to sleep with the exception that it is only removed by damage 50% of the time.

Ok, now that we have all the materials… what is the challenge?!

Description: You have these skills, but you will notice I didn’t show you the Action Patterns of the Shades. Your job is this: Create a troop containing 2 shades. Now make it so that when all the player characters are awake, the shades will ONLY use Sleep Breath, BUT if at least one of the player characters is under the influence of Deep Sleep, the shades will use Sleep Breath and Dream Feed equally.

Restrictions: No scripting.

You can use the comments here, or comment on the link from our Facebook page to offer up solutions. GOOD LUCK!

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