Thinking Outside the Box: Challenge 4

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Challenge 4: Wildly Impractical!

So in our last challenge, we created something in a way that while a bit more difficult, actually had practical use. This time, we are going to do something completely and utterly impractical.

Why? Because even though its impractical there are cool things you can learn from it that can be applied to practical pursuits.

So first, let’s talk about what we are creating!

challenge4-1So here we have our hero. He stands at the opening of cavern, to his left is a merchant, to his right is a pool of water that refills his health and mana (I’ve never figured out how drinking random water in caves does this by the way, all I ever got from it was dysentery.)

From there he travels forth:

challenge4-2Traveling through the caves to confront the evil villain. Along the way he will travel through 10 connected rooms filled with monsters he must fight to reach the evil mastermind preparing to destroy the world!

challenge4-3And then in the end, he confronts the villain, fights him, and emerges victorious.

I know what you are thinking. “What, that sounds easy, its standard RPG Making 101, do you think I’m an idiot?” Well hold your horses there! Let’s get on requirements and restrictions.


  1. You must have the player travel through ten 17×13 rooms. They don’t have to be linear, but they have to all exist. They CANNOT be identical.
  2. The first room must have a merchant selling items and a pool to regain health.
  3. The final room must have a boss fight.

Still sounds easy right? Wrong.


  1. You can only use ONE 17×13 map in your project.
  2. You can only use ONE event in your project.
  3. You cannot use scripting.

Think you can figure out a way to get around these restrictions? Tell us your plan in the comments below! Good luck.


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