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So, it’s time for the Steam Summer Sale, and that means again that it is a perfect time to pick up MV if you haven’t’ already! It’s 75% off, making it only $20 for those of you using the US dollar.


And while we are on the subject of Steam, it’s a good time to address some of the things Steam automatically does for you with all your games. And how it isn’t necessarily a good thing with RPG Maker.

The thing I’m talking about is the Auto-Update feature. Steam was really designed with video games in mind. And with video games, you almost always want to have your game up to date with the latest bug fixes and content patches. So having it auto-update games in the background for you is excellent!

But with RPG Maker isn’t a game, it is an engine. And there is a good reason most game developers don’t switch engine versions mid-development, unless there is a really good reason to do it. All of their custom coding might break, and that is an issue with MV as well. You could easily end up with various plugins no longer working! The plugin creator may update their plugin, but they may not. And if you need it for your game, you might want to stay on an earlier version. To make sure you have a chance to check out the changes before you run MV, go into the properties for RPG Maker MV on Steam, and in the Update tab, switch it to only update when you start the program!


This is also why we don’t have the editor automatically update your project to the latest version when you load it, you’ll have to handle that part yourself. If you load a project from a different version than the editor you can encounter some WEIRD BEHAVIOR. Always match up your editor and project version. This is a very easy process, but ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure that you back up your project first. You can follow the process below to update your project:

  • Make a backup of your project.
  • Double check that backup of your project
  • Triple check that backup of your project
  • Create a new project or go to the NewData folder in your RPG Maker MV root (where MV is installed) folder.
  • Copy the new js files (RPG*.js and Libs Folder) and replace the one in your -old project.
  • DO NOT COPY plugins.js or it will replace your plugin settings.
  • Copy index.html files to your current project.

Now after you have everything updated, you can check and see if any of your plugins were broken. If they aren’t, you can continue to use the new version. Just be careful, because some plugin incompatibilities can be hard to spot!

But let’s say you decide to stay on an earlier version to keep compatibility with some of the plugins in your game, or for some other reason. How do you do that in Steam? It’s very easy. We have set up beta branches for the previous release versions of RPG Maker in Steam. To switch to one of the earlier versions, go into the Steam properties for the game, and then go to the Beta tab. There, set it to the version you want. Steam will then set it to that version, and leave it on that version until you decide to change things.


Then, go get the backed up version of your project so that you have a matched project and editor version. REMEMBER IF YOU DON’T WEIRD THINGS CAN HAPPEN!

So, again, be careful with updating. We are working to make the Engine better, but sometimes it just isn’t the right time for an update when you are mid project. And always, always back up your project. We hope you continue to enjoy RPG Maker MV and happy game making!

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