Thinking Outside the Box: Solution 1

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Congratulations to everyone who discovered a way to mimic what I did!

There were quite a few creative solutions, and one person even hit on the exact solution I used (curse you Liberty!).

So lets look at how I did it:

All I did, was take the wall autotile, and continue it up into the ceiling autotile. Here is a screenshot showing how it was done:

Notice how the wall autotile for the grey brick extends up higher into the wall top autotile above it. This let my place the wall top on top which would be half wall top, half wall. You can even see that I forgot to darken the edges, which created what looked like a shift click error in my image last week.

How do we use this?

Now, when thinking outside the box, there is one other thing you have to keep in mind: What are the repercussions of handling it this way. There are two big ones for my method:

  1. It doesn’t work well if they don’t tile again every 16 pixels. It helped that the blocks fit perfectly to just go up 16 pixels more with it.
  2. It requires you to use the same ceiling and wall together whenever you use that tileset.

Now that we have identified the repercussions, we have to decide whether its something we can work with. In this case I decide both are acceptable compromises.

With 1. I just have to do some editing if I want to use an autotile that doesn’t tile perfectly every 16 pixels. Its more annoying, but not impossible. It just requires more work.

With 2. I don’t see this as that big of an issue. You have way more room in the wall section of the tilesets than you can use in any one map, and if I REALLY went over the needed space there for the whole game, I can make another tileset.

Stay tuned for the next challenge! Did you learn anything from this one? Share with us in the comments below.

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