What can I do with my DLC?

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Whew. Its been a while folks, I almost forgot how to work this thing. Sorry about the unintended break, we had some post-Steam sale burnout I think on our side. But let’s get to business!

So talking about the Steam Sale, I’m sure some of you guys picked up some awesome DLC packs, and with those purchases, now you are wondering: What am I allowed to do with these things?

That’s a good question, and I am glad that you asked it hypothetical customer! While there are technically more licenses than this, our products fall into one of three categories license wise:

RPG Maker Only

In this category, we have packs that can ONLY be used in a legally purchased version of RPG Maker (or IG Maker). The first things in this grouping are the XP, VX, and VX Ace RTPs. An important note to remember: You must own the corresponding maker to use its RTP in your games, as the license for the RTP comes with the maker itself!

The other packs that go under this grouping are as follows:RPG Maker VX: Samurai RTP

RPG Maker DS Resource Pack

RPG Maker 3 Music Pack

RPG Maker XP Remastered OST

You are allowed to use any of these in both commercial and non-commercial projects as long as you own the license, and as long as you ONLY use it in RPG Maker or IG Maker.

RPG Maker Only, with a separate NON-RPG Maker license

Several of our packs come with two versions. One license behaves exactly like the RPG Maker only licenses, but you can pay a higher price for a version that allows you to use it in ANY engine you would like. These can be used in both commercial and non-commercial games.

These packs are (You can find the Non-RM license link at the bottom of each page:

Modern Day Tiles

Arabian Nights

Futuristic Tiles

Inspirational Volume 1

Free To Use License!

While there are several different licenses that are written for these, they are all free to use in any engine you like, as long as you own the license to use them.

The packs that fit into these licenses are:

All Packs Made by Pioneer Valley Games (Each word is a different link there guys!)

Egyptian Myth Battlers

And all the rest of the music packs. (once again, every word is a different link!)

… I didn’t realize how many packs we had. I’m exhausted just linking to all of them. Hopefully you understand how all the different licenses work now! If not, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below. You might also want to consult the individual EULAs packed in with the resources, as I just gave the briefest of overviews.

As a closing note, please do follow the licenses we put in the packs. We do not, in general, enjoy trying to close down games of people who do not, but it is unfortunately something we have to do. Even if you think that you aren’t covered under the same IP laws because you are in another country (mind you, we do have offices in a LOT of countries, so we might be your neighbors and you don’t even know), keep in mind that you probably still use servers in countries we are in, use storefronts in countries we are in etc.

We honestly do not enjoy having to go after anyone, but it is what we have to do to maintain our IPs. Please help us not have to.

Thank you for your time, and for listening to me.

You can discuss or ask me questions about the licenses in the comments below.

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  • Billy Blansett

    even after we purchase the add-on content to use in our games wh do we give credit to?

    • Each Readme.TXT has a credits section!
      Most of the time it’s


  • Kain Vinosec

    Adding a quick note to this! Inspirational Vol. 1 actually has a separate Non-RM License available at the bottom of its page. It is the only music pack to date that has separate licenses.

    • Oops, I’ll move that, I didn’t realize it had a separate one. There are so many packs it gets confusing at times.

  • light487

    Wouldn’t have thought this stuff needed explaining.. but yeh.. guess you must have kept getting those pesky questions.

    • To be fair, I had to look up to find which ones went under which license myself and I still made a mistake and had to fix it. It would be easy if all of them were under the same license, but because we have multiple creators all working on them, with different stipulations depending on the creator, it can lead to a lot of confusion for some people.

  • amerk

    The easiest solution would be to have 2 licenses for each (including the RTP). A cheaper priced option for packs used with RM material and a higher priced one for use with another program outside of IG and RM.

    I’m sure there are a lot of people who would be willing to buy the RTP at a higher cost if it meant they could use it in a program like Unity, since it’s still a lot cheaper than them having to create or hire for their own resources. Plus it would ensure more money in EB’s pocket for future development.

    • Except that we (Degica) don’t get all the say in how each one is licensed. All material directly made by Enterbrain will stay RPG Maker only. That is just the nature of the situation.

  • amerk

    Right, I didn’t mean Degica, since they’re just the distributors for the English market. I meant EB could have made it easier. One can always dream and hope they’ll one day realize the impact separate licenses would have.

    Since I only use RM it doesn’t bother me as much, but I can see how it would benefit others who use multiple platforms.

    • Ron

      RM is simple software, rpg xp is my favorite, very good 2D game is very simple and

  • Bruno

    Now i got a doubt xD.
    Well i buy some of these packs, including the some of the music packs, in order to use it on RMVXA, but as i see, some of the packs of music in the bottom said:

    “Free To Use License!

    While there are several different licenses that are written for these, they are all free to use in any engine you like, as long as you own the license to use them.”

    Now my doubt, it’s only on other engines, or other materials at all? For exemple, i have a youtube channel, can i use it as BGM on my videos? or if i was a film maker and do short films, wold i be allowed to use them as BGM in my films?

    That may sound strange, but extra Royalty free BGMs are always welcome xD

    By the way, sorry for my poor english ^^

    • I’ll have to look into how the EULA is worded.

      • mango

        I have the same question. I am a student filmmaker and i need RPG game musics to make a game theme film. I am willing to pay for some music pack licenses. Hope you reply! 🙂

  • Nicholas

    I’m interested in some of these but I have no intention of using them with RPG Maker. Why are the licenses strictly limited to RPG Maker?

    • The ones that are restricted solely to RM are the ones are the ones that were created directly by Enterbrain! They feel that the packs are inherently a part of RPG Maker and to allow their use outside of RPG Maker would lesson the value of RM itself.

  • Hakami

    Good I found this as I was recently wondering about usage outside RPG makers. Though, when I checked all mentioned above in category with both licenses, I don’t see choice at the bottom to get more expensive license, both prices at the start of particular page and at the end of it are the same. Did it change somehow?

  • Marcus

    To Nick Palmer… I was wondering. I’m planning to buy the DLCs like Modern Days and music packs from Steam, and I would like to sell them :).

    I was confused about this, and I was wondering if I’m allowed to sell the game made with the DLCs?

    • Yes, you can sell a game made with the DLCs.

  • Earl Crawford


    Nick, I am in a similar situation to Marcus. I have bought some packs through Humble Bundle, as well as Modern Day Tiles from Steam. I want to use them in a commercial product, but I would like to use a Non-RM Engine. Would I be able to do so?


  • Ultimacj

    “May ONLY use with RPG Maker” guess that goes with EULAS these days you have “right” to use with this you do not “own” It (even though ironically you’ve purchased it legitmently) ah eulas gotta love’em lol

  • Mel

    Just to be clear…can all these DLCs be used with ANY version of RPG maker? I really want the futuristic tiles pack, but if it doesn’t work with XP, then forget it…

    • It will need to be reformatted, but its nothing that can’t be accomplished by a layman with a bit of time and GIMP. I mean, I could do it and I’m absolutely not an artist. Its just copy and pasting into the format that XP uses. I think there are also automatic converters online made by fans, but I don’t know enough about them to say.

  • Alex

    Hi, can I post a screenshot of my game (that uses a DLC) on forums on the internet ?

  • Second Talon

    Is it permissible under the DLC license to modify the assets?

    If so, is it also permissible under the DLC license to have someone else modify the art assets? Do they also need to have purchased the same DLC license?