IGM Tutorial: Changing Tiles

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Want to check out a PDF of this tutorial? Right click save as HERE.

This is gonna be a short one, but very cool. Load up the shooting game we’ve been working on, or just download the GPD and open it up.

This time we’re gonna make tiles change when our ship crashes into them. It’s a very simple process, but it’s aesthetically awesome. Head to your “Materials” tab first and “Update” your Land tiles, or “Create” a new one using the following resource:

If you choose to “Update” the old Land graphic don’t forget to add 2 to the “Split Graphic (Horizontal)” field making Horizontal 8, and Vertical 1. It still only needs to be used for Tiles so don’t bother changing that.

Next head to the “Shooting” tab and the “Tiles” sub-tab. Here, Land should have been updated if you chose to update it (you will need to reset your walls on the grass, dirt, burnt grass, and burnt dirt tiles). Otherwise go ahead and hit create so you can get the new tiles in there. Set them up the same as the other ones we’ve done before.

Here’s where the new comes in. Select your first grass tile, and over to the right if you look around a bit you’ll find a box called “Changing Conditions”. In that box is a check box for “Change Upon Contact”. Check that, and scroll down a tad. Here you’ll find a box called “Post Change Status” and a button for “Change To Selected Tile”. Hit that, and choose the burntish looking grass tile. Do this same process for the second dirt tile and its burnt equivalent.

Now head to the “Canvases” sub-tab. Then head to the “Per Canvas Settings” sub-sub-tab. Here we’re just going to change Layer 2’s speed down to 0. Otherwise the effect we’re looking for won’t work as intended (the tiles would be constantly moving, so which ones get burnt would be very off).

That’s it. Now when you crash into the ground it changes accordingly. This process could have a ton of different applications like fire scorching an area, a map completely changing with a switch, cities being destroyed, seasons changing, ice melting, etc. What can you think of? Let us know in the comments or the forums!

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