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The mechanic for making “Ghosts” in IG Maker is kind of obscure and hard to find, but once found it can be a blast to play with. If you haven’t been following in our Shooting game or you just want to start on the same page as everyone else you can grab the GPD. If you’re already set, you just need the resource below.

So what is a ghost? Basically it’s a simplified gadget that is going to follow our Player Gadget’s every move. Including firing the Player’s projectiles. This could be useful in Platformers (Anyone else remember this mechanic from Ninja Gaiden?), or in Action RPGs, but today we’re going to put it to use in a Shooter.

To get started load up your Shooting game and import the new Attack Ball resource under the “Materials” tab, and “Graphics” sub-tab. Set its horizonatal to 17 and Vertical to 1. Make sure it can be used as an animation, then head to the “Shooting” tab and the “Animations” sub-tab to get it all set up. In order for this to work as a ghost you just need a single “Action” and a single “Action Display”.

Ghosts are pre-set to do the first action on the list for as long as they exist. So make sure to set this one up to loop. After you have it set up (you should have 16 frames, be sure to test it before you move on) set the “Frames Displayed Per Second” to something high like 40 or 60.

The reason you do this after is because when you apply the Frames Per Second it only affects frames that have already been created. So be sure to create your frames first, then set their speeds. Also, don’t check the box for “Set The Origin At The Character’s Feet”. It will throw you off a bit when adding multiple ghosts. Now head to the “Gadgets” sub-tab.

Luckily you don’t need to create a new gadget for your Ghost, you just need to set it up so that it works properly. Select your Player Gadget from the list and head to the “Emergence Settings” sub-sub-tab. If you look at the middle of this page you’ll see a section labeled “Ghosting”. Check the box, set the “Quantity Memory” for “No. Of Player Ghosts”, set the “Animation” to the one we just made, and set the “Intervals” for 10, and check the box for “Fixed Type”. That’s all you really have to do here, but let me explain what we just did real quick.

The Quantity memory can be any memory you want, but there is already one specifically made for Ghosts so might as well use that right? It’s important to note that this memory can be adjusted with switches or by other gadgets so you can adjust the number of ghosts in your game as much as you want. The animation I’ve already explained is pretty static. It just does the first “Action”, and the first “Action’s Display”. If you don’t have it set to loop infinitely it will just play through once and then be stopped. “Intervals” refers to how closely the ghosts are going to follow your Player Gadget. “Fixed Type” will keep them from blending back into your Player Gadget when you stop.

That’s all you really have to do to get this to work in your game, but let’s test it out shall we? Head to the “Materials” tab and the “Memories” sub-tab. Find the memory for “No. Of Player Ghosts” and crank it up to 2. Hit play and check out the Attack Balls blasting stuff right along with you.

When you die you’ll notice that they stick around. That’s because there is nothing currently in place to drop the number of ghosts when you explode. Also it may be of importance to some that if you have ammunition or a limit on how many bullets you can fire (achieveable with memories and switches) the ghosts WILL use that ammunition because they’re firing the exact same projectiles as your Player Gadget.

This is only applicable if you have the memory for ammo being reduced by the gadget for your bullets though. So maybe you want them to follow but not shoot at stuff? There’s a switch for that. It’s called “Shooting By Player Ghosts” and it is initially set to “On”. Feel free to turn it off, but it’ll make your ghosts a lot less functional.

That’s all for ghosts. They’re fun to play with, and even more fun to test with. Definitely a worthy addition to any IG Maker game!

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