IGM Tutorial: Tips And Tricks – Part 3

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Today we’re going to take a quick look at some of the switches and memories built-in to IGM. You can load up any game file really, then head to “Materials”, and we’ll start with the “Memories” sub-tab. A lot of the things in here are pretty self-explanatory, but some can work in really interesting ways. The purpose of this tutorial is to open your mind to the possibilities presented by some of these presets.

  • Player Speed (%) and Player Max Speed (%): These can be used to adjust your player gadget’s overall speed, or you can use them in specific situations to slow your character down (rough terrain, shallow water), or speed them up (running on a conveyor belt or down hill). Imagine you want to have your character ride on a vehicle. Now, instead of setting up a vehicle gadget and doing a ton of extra work to make it function properly, just have the player gadget have Action Programs that display the vehicle’s animations, and increase their speed. The player will still have full control of the ‘vehicle’ because it is still just the player gadget, and it’ll be easier to add more functions in. Player Max Speed can be used when you use accelerating movement for your player gadget to limit their speed but doesn’t have a purpose for basic movement.
  • Player Gravity (%): This can be used to increase your player gadget’s jump, or decrease it. Great for springboard gadgets or being weighted down.
  • Player Attack Power and Player Max Attack Power (%): Same deal as Speed really. You can make your player gadget weaker or stronger by situation (or even adjust it with weapon items).
  • Player Damage Ratio (%) and Player Max Damage Ratio (%): This is your player gadget’s defense stat really. From what I understand there is a formula for calculating damage in IGM: Enemy Attack Power * Player Damage Ratio / 100 = HP Lost
  • Player Magic Power and Player Max Magic Power: There are no special rules regarding these two, except that they correspond to each other so that whenever you use “Player Magic Power” it is variable and has a “Max” limit.
  • Player Invincibility Time: Use this in a gadget or item to make your player defeat everything it touches (regardless of attack hit detection) for whatever time you specify.
  • Bonus Life Score (1st) and Bonus Life Score (2+): Use these to define a score value that will add one to the “Player Lives Left” memory. For (2+) your player will gain an extra life every time that score is achieved (so if you set (1st) and (2+) to 100, you would gain lives at 100 points, 200, 300, 400, etc.).
  • Post-Damage Immune Time: This is for increasing difficulty, or adjusting the flow of combat. After you attack something it will become immune to taking damage again for a very short time. This lets you adjust the amount of time.
  • Gadget Acceleration Adjust (%): Ever want to slow down or speed up every gadget on the screen? This is the memory for you!
  • Time Until Key Repeats and Key Repeat Interval: This allows you to slow down or speed up how quickly your cursor navigates through a menu. “Time Until Key Repeats” is how quickly you go through the entire menu, while “Key Repeat Interval” is the time it takes to switch from one item to another.
  • Score and High Score: Score can be used for a lot of things. You have the option to change the score when ANY gadget disappears. This means it could be assigned as currency, or experience points, or just use it as a score. Remember that the “Bonus Life Score” memories are tied to this. For “High Score” set up a gadget that will overwrite “High Score” with whatever the “Score” is, when it is higher than the “High Score”. Kinda confusing but really it can be a great thing to have available if you want a traditional platformer.
  • Time Limit: This is an incredibly useful memory. Set this up, and it automatically decreases by a value of one per second. When it hits zero, it automatically drops the memory “Player Gadget’s Health” to zero. Really effective and really fun to play around with. Be wary though, as switching canvases will cause this to reset to the default value.
  • Flow Change Data, Stage Number, Area Number, No. Of Continues, and No. Of Clears: These memories are really just placeholders. Things that can come in handy, but you could use a regular memory to do everything that they do.
  • Save Memories Up To Here: When you save your game, any memory above this line is retained. So any memories you make that you want to have saved when a player activates a save gadget need to go above this line or they will not be retained.

That covers some of the more unusual memories or memories that we haven’t talked about very much thus far. Next up let’s head to the “Switches” sub-tab and take a look at a few of those.

  • Bonus Life For 100 Coins: Turn this on, and everytime the “Player Coins” memory hits 100 it’ll reset and add a value of one to “Player Lives Left”. Nifty hm?
  • Initialize All Memories & Switches: This is like a soft-reset for your game. It returns all memories and switches to their default values when it is turned on.
  • Save Switches Up To Here: Same idea as the one for memories. Any switches you want saved need to be above this line.

That’s it for today! How many ways can you think of to use some of these elements in your games?

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  • My question is how the hell can you make a simple frigging ladder I have had this engine forever and cannot get something that simple to work. It seriously needs an update to simplify the whole system this engine is sooooooooooooooooooo Hard to use it’s not funny. They should have used the RPG Maker scheme to it. But anyhow if you could teach me how to do a ladder I would appreciate it.

    • A ladder isn’t too hard. You just have to think of it more as a system rather than a simple “climb” action.

      So, you need to have something set up to where, when you’re on the ladder (touching it specifically, it could be a gadget or you could make the ladder tiles that activate a switch/change a memory while you’re on them) you have different options for what to do. For instance, pressing up would change your animation and force you to move upward in a straight vertical line while showing a climbing animation. This can be accomplished by having a climbing animation set up in your Player Gadget, that is only activated upon pressing up, and only while a certain switch is active or a certain memory is set to a certain value.

      Setting up just about anything in IG Maker will work this way, so once you get the hang of it you can really do wondrous things with the system.

      Hope that helps!

  • Fst

    I’ve use IG Maker for a few months and I have so say that it has A LOT of potential, the animations and gadgets are really great once you understand them, but when looking for any help there’s almost no user community, and when you find something is almost all the time someone complaining about anything. Is there any plan of Enterbrain to get serious about IG Maker? We know RPG Maker is more important for you, but come on! With a few months of work you can make something interesting with IG Maker, fix some bugs, add some basics like dialog boxes (without use workarounds), maybe options to fadeout/fadein music, use of mp3 and midi formats… well, all that stuff you put in RPG Maker… maybe make a little more user friendly the user interface… I would really like to make a professional game using IG Maker, but with problems like “use always WAV format for music” or “make a total mess to add some dialogs” is really discouraging. I hope the enligsh web admins/mods have any way to say all this to the people in Enterbrain HQ, listen your customers! Thanks

    • Fst

      Sorry I just found the text display option :P, anyway all the other still valid hehe… and well I didn’t want to be offensive, I hope I didn’t. Actually my game seems pretty cool xP.

      • Hey Fst,

        I’m not sure what plans Enterbrain has for IGM (if any) but if you stop by the forums we have a bit of a group going that seems pretty helpful (I’m around, though sometimes slow to reply-been working on replying faster) that can help with any questions or problems that might pop up.

        Rock on,

        P.S. Hope to see ya there: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/forum/7-ig-maker/