VX Ace: Make Your Own Game Tutorial X: Events Part 3

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In this tutorial, we are going to be covering Event Triggers (some of our avid blog readers might recognize some of this part) and Event Pages, more bits of the Ace Event system that control the flow of the game.

If you would like to read the full version, right click save as the pdf HERE But now, let’s get on to the preview!


In Tutorial IX, we started learning how to store information as switches and variables, and also learned how to implement flow control into our events.

In an even earlier tutorial, we learned how to set the appearance of events. But the thing we haven’t really examined is how events start, and how to change events permanently.

In this tutorial, we will expand on the eventing knowledge we have by learning those exact skills.

First we will cover how events START. This is done with Event Triggers. There are five event triggers:

  1. Action Button
  2. Player Touch
  3. Event Touch
  4. Autorun
  5. Parallel Process

While few in number, these five event triggers can cover everything you will need to do.

Pg1EventPageAfter that, we will move on to learning to use Event Pages! Event pages are like superpowered conditional branches, allowing events to be permanently changed.

After the conditions are met, you basically have a whole new event to play with, allowing you to set different graphics, different event triggers, different move routes, and an entirely new effect!

Event Triggers

Event Triggers are pretty simple. All you have to do is think: How and why do I want this event to start?

You have two main groupings of Event Triggers, which I call:

  1. Interaction Triggers. Interaction Triggers use some form of player input or control to start. Such as touching an object, allowing an object to touch them, or pressing the action button while on top of or adjacent to the object.
  2. Automation Triggers. Automation Triggers start automatically. As soon as the player is on a map with one, it starts.

Setting the Event Trigger of an Event is incredibly simple. You can see in the image to the right that there is a easy to find selection box in the bottom left section of each event.

Tutorial10 Pg2EventTriggerSelectionJust select the Trigger you want and you are ready to go. Now let’s look at these closer!


To read the full version of this and the rest of our Make Your Own Game Tutorials click over to our RPG Maker VX Ace Tutorials!

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  • Zendar

    While i have finished this “game” on my own, and am starting work on a sequel if that is ok with you (you are credited with original concept in credits), I was wondering when the next part will be out. I would like to see how you finish the game.

  • John

    I’ve been working through the tutorial with my 8 year old – he’s really loving building his own game – thanks a million for the guides they’re brilliant !
    We are about to start on part 8 and I only just noticed that there are still a couple of installments to go, I think it will probably take a while to take him through the concepts in the next few parts but it would be good to know if you are planning on releasing the rest or if I should start thinking about how to finish it myself.

    • Hey John,

      We are indeed working on finishing this series. Unfortunately, some events had forced it into a bit of a hiatus. I do expect to be finished within the next couple of months, but it wouldn’t hurt to look around for other beginner tutorials as well.

      Thank you for your patience.

      • John

        Hi Nick,

        Any news on the next installment?



  • Rodrigo Dias Costa

    So, this turned to become the oficial tutorial for the VX Ace, but isn’t finished yet? Any news about finishing it?