VX Ace: Make Your Own Game Tutorial VIII: Events Part 1

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In this tutorial, we will be going over the theory of how to design Events!

If you would like to read the full version, right click save as the pdf version HERE. But now, let’s get on to the preview!

Opening Thoughts

With this tutorial, I am going to be doing something slightly different than I did with all the others. We will not be opening our sample project during this tutorial, instead we will focus entirely on theory and the basic commands available to use.

In Events Part 2, we will then apply this theory to our project, fleshing out, and leaving only polishing up the sample game between us and being finished.

Events: What do they do?

Events are used for two major purposes in RPG Maker VX Ace.
The first is to provide objects for the player to interact with. This can be an NPC for the player to talk to, a switch for them to pull, or even just something to move your characters from map to map.

We’ve already made several simple events that fulfill this purpose, such as the Merchant we made in the fourth tutorial shown to the right.

Simple Event made in Tutorial IV

But there is also a second, very important role for events is controlling game flow. For instance, how do you determine where a character can and can’t go, how do you open up new areas for him to explore.

All of this is done with events.

Approaching Event Design

Event design is all logic. There are lots of tricks and tips you can pick up over time, but the best tool you will ever have is your own brain. What I hope to teach in this tutorial isn’t how to create a specific type of event, its how to walk yourself through ANY event.

To start with, we are going to be designing the treasure chest we created in Tutorial IV, except this time, we are going to do it from scratch, and we are going to go step through step of the logic it takes to create it.

Creating the Treasure Chest

The first thing to do when planning an event is to think, in plain speak: What does this event do?

With a treasure chest, this is a pretty simple thing to describe: Player opens it, gets an item. The item given with this one is a cloth shirt.

To illustrate event flow I’m going to be drawing each step as a flowchart.

I encourage everyone to use flowcharts in their event design, as it will give you an excellent idea of how to organize your events.

Below is the simple plain text explanation of what our event does. The event starts, it gives a cloth shirt to the player, and then it ends.

Do you see the problem with this flowchart?


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