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STBannerMaking a slightly different type of RPG

By: Maddie the Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

Ok, so you’ve heard all this before right? You know how it all works. You’ve read all the tutorials and you know how to make an RPG. Am I right?

I’m not doubting that, there are so many helpful tutorials out there that help you get a handle on how to use RPG maker Ace, that show you how you can make the game you always wanted to.

This is not one of those. I’m not here to tell you how to make a game. I’m not going to explain how the program works. What I am going to do is share my experiences in making a game. If this includes handy tutorials of things I have discovered that I wish to share, then more the better.

And if you find the concept of the game I intend to make interesting enough to want to try it yourself then I will feel very accomplished.


While clearing out the dreaded bottom shelf of my bookshelf, the one stacked with old DVD cases and that Manga I haven’t read since I was 12 (and seriously, what on earth was I reading at 12), populated with dust bunnies of near ferocious size, I uncovered a game.

Heroes Chronicles: Clash of the Dragons

Clash of the Dragons, The most addicting game I have ever played!

Clash of the Dragons, The most addicting game I have ever played!

I had not played this game in nearly 10 years, and feeling a tad whimsical (and nostalgic) I put in my laptop. I was surprised to see it actually worked as the game was so old, and the disk so scratched I was convinced it wouldn’t. And suddenly three days flew by me as I fought my way through 8 maps, and thousands of monsters to beat the game.

Now, if you have never played the Heroes Chronicles, you have been missing out. It is a timeless sort of a game where your decisions influence how hard or easy the game will be, and no matter how many times you play it, nothing is ever exactly the same (that group of monsters that joined your party the first time seems to have taken a dislike to you on your second play through).

It’s all about managing time and resources. Of building an army of numbers, or one of skill, all the while knowing that your enemy was doing the same, that the longer you spend building your forces, the more of them you would need to face.

And I thought (sometime around the middle of my second play-through)… Could I make something like this using Ace?

(There are no words to describe how odd I was at 12... I mean seriously...)

There are no words to describe how odd I was at 12… I mean seriously…

STBulletFirst Steps

Now comes those first few days where my room becomes snowed under with scribbled over paper where I seem to repeat myself a thousand times while trying to work out how I could make a Heroes Chronicles style game in Ace. My new game project becomes bogged down with my attempts at actually eventing what I want to see.

And then, at long last, I managed to put all of my hastily scribbled notes into some semblance of order (after wrestling with my cat for that one piece of paper he has decided makes a better bed than his actual one), and actually sat down and set to work on the game.

Being the super organised person I am (and make no mistake, I am being both very serious and very sarcastic when I say that), I now have myself a basic plot, some basic characters, and the list of all the game-play options I want in the game.

Most people have to bribe their cat off their important sheets of paper with food... my cat wanted something a little different

Most people have to bribe their cat off their important sheets of paper with food… my cat wanted something a little different

STBulletSo, now that I’ve had my bit of a rant and creative craziness, I find myself curious. What is your own inspiration for game making? Have you ever played a game and found yourself thinking “I could totally do that using RPG maker”? And once inspired, how do you turn that inspiration into the beginnings of a game?

Next time on Spiders Thread: Basic Plot

Offered for your amusement by Maddie (aka Paladin Cleric of Awesome): novelist (in spirit), game developer (in progress) and owner of one too many cats (Though as my family tells it, three too many).

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