Bonus Tutorial: Creating a Statue Puzzle

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So, you’ve been working hard on your game. The map is looking fresh and you’ve created some enemies and set up some battles. What’s next?

Well, how about adding a few puzzles to make things harder for the player?

To help you with this, our friend Nate Benton (creator of Fated Haven) put together a great RPG Maker VX tutorial on creating a Statue Puzzle for your RPG Maker VX game in which the player pushes statues into specific positions.

As we all know, in RPGS, only good things come from pushing statues around.

He goes over:
• The usage of variables to keep track of the position of two statues.
• Using several conditional branches to compare the value of of several

By the end of tutorial you’ll have created a fun (and tricky) statue puzzle and you’ll know how to create similar puzzles in the future. Download the pdf for the tutorial here.

Here’s the sprite sheet for the tutorial so that you can follow along.

Got any questions about the tutorial or need some help? Leave a comment below!


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