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I’ve always been of the opinion that the forums are one of the greatest single resources that RPG Maker has. A collection of fans who are knowledgeable, helpful, who share the passion to build, and to see others build, games they can be proud of.

This help expresses with wonderful graphics, music, or sometimes just a fun but of conversation.

There are a few threads though, that condense a whole lot of helpfulness into solid gems. Let’s look at a few of them here!

First, we have the Game & Map Screenshot thread. This is where fans can post a screen of the game they are currently working on so others can critique or just generally appreciate the visual wonders you have created. Make sure to give others feedback as well! And since most threads aren’t so visual, we’ll be showing off some shots from the latest thread for the rest of the article.

For inspiration and keeping on track, there is nothing like the Monthly Goals & Progress threads! The January thread is almost done now, but you definitely have time to jump in for February. Say what you want to get done this month. Read about what other people are doing. And track your, and their, progress.

But what if you just need a little feedback on a character. Or a twist in your plot. Or maybe a design idea you had. If you don’t have a big subject to discuss, making a whole thread for it seems a bit much. Well we also have the perfect place for this as well.

Two threads, the Plot and Character Feedback thread, and the Features Feedback Thread are great for quickly getting a bit of advice on your current project. And just like the screenshot thread: Make sure to give feedback to others as well. The forums are a community, and you should give at least as much as you receive!

And finally. What if you’ve found the perfect tile, the perfect sprite, the perfect song made for RPG Maker. But it is on a Japanese blog! You can’t read the terms of use, so you’re sunk. Well, why not check out slimmmeiske2’s Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese Blogs thread. She has translated a large number of terms of use, and more than likely, the one you are looking for is in there.

Have you used our forums? Are there any threads you find particularly handy we didn’t mention? Have you used any of the threads above? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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