Animations Collection III – Thaumaturgy and the Future Steampunk Vol.2 Music Pack Arrive!

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It’s Thursday again, and that means new releases! So let’s wee what we have in the release bag today.

First up, we have Animations Collection III – Thaumaturgy!


Continuing in the Animations Collection line, the third entry, Thaumaturgy features screenwide elemental magic animations to level up the power of destruction your mages can dish out! Also included are new casting animations and status effect animations to spice up your game.

Combined with the previous Animations Collections packs, this pack easily rounds out almost any animation you would need for a full game!

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Steam – Coming Soon

And our second new pack release this week: Future Steampunk Collection Vol.2!


Steampunk continues to be a big deal, and if you were a fan of the original Future Steam Punk Collection, this pack is a no brainer. Continuing in the same style as Vol1, Volume 2 adds… well more!

Twenty new tracks, consisting of four battle tracks, three town tracks, four theme tracks, two field tracks, and seven tracks for cutscenes! The perfect pack to enhance your steampunk game with even more music tailor made to the genre!

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Steam (RPG Maker MV)
Steam (RPG Maker VX Ace)

We also have two packs that are being added as RPG Maker MV DLC on Steam, so hop over there for Tyler Warren’s RPG Battlers – 1st 50 and the Cinematic Soundtrack!

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Additionally, we have our Deal of the Week: Steampunk Tiles MV 25% off! The perfect compliment to the new Future Steam Punk Collection Vol.2!

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