Annihilation and Survival Horror Music Packs, Eberouge Character Pack!

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Release day is here again, and we have two new music packs, as well as a character pack for you to check out! Let’s take a look.


For when you need to bring down the house with your battle music, Murray Atkinson has combined 90s metal with JRPG Battle themes to bring you the Annihilation Music Pack! 14 tracks + 14 alternate no lead guitar tracks, this pack will definitely bring energy to your battles!

Learn more on RPG Maker Web or Steam!

RPGMakerWeb Store
Steam (RPG Maker MV)
Steam (RPG Maker VX Ace)


Following up from Volume 1, Joel Steudler brings us the Survival Horror Music Mega-Pack Volume 2! 30 more tracks perfect for the zombie apocalypse, with themes for battles, towns, dungeons, and more. Additionally, this pack includes 13 Music Effects, and 30 Sound Effects perfectly crafted for the genre!

Learn more on RPG Maker Web!


Next up, we have the Eberouge Character Pack 1! Bringing the characters of the 90s Japanese Dating Sim to life in your game, this pack features character sprites and art for 20 characters, some with alternate outfits! Also included are 62 item icons and 12 zodiac icons!

Learn more on RPG Maker Web!


For our RPG Maker MV Steam updates this week, we have the next in the Tyler Warren RPG Battlers series! The 3rd 50 makes the jump to Steam MV, pick it up here!

And finally, for our deal of the week, we have some scary, scary bosses, with Medieval: Bosses for 50% off! (That is entirely too many legs/spines).

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