Around the Community: Jan 2015

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This month, we are starting a new feature: Around the Community. We’ll take a look at what is going on on our forums, and pick out the conversations, games, and resources that are getting the most buzz.

First of all, let’s not forget our Let’s Review Games! Event. Feedback is the best way to improve your game, and its important that we make sure everyone has that chance to improve. Get out there, find someone who could use a review, and play that game!

Need some new signs for your game? bgilllisp has done some edits to make some New Roof Signs, perfect for that obscure store in your game. He also includes a blank sign for you to add your own.



Tsukihime decided to step in to show us how to alter how Experience is displayed for characters in game, with the tutorial “How to Display Current Exp Relative to Current Level“.


And philteredkhaos took the time to explain a simple Stealth Eventing! system. Both of these tutorials are useful for their intended purpose, but they are also just useful for new information to twist to other plans.

On the game side of things, two games got a lot of buzz this month.

First we have Daniel B’s Cardiophobia, a short horror game with multiple endings.


The second is a really nice looking story focused game made by Chester called Crescentia Harmony of the Moon.


Take some time to check both these out! Don’t forget to look around for other new games to play to get in on our game reviewing event!

We’ve also had a lot of good discussions on game design ideas. You can check out some conversations on Non-typical healing for a party of undead characters?How best to handle an episodic game with RM?Old woman as playable character: How to make gameplay interesting, and Permadeath.

Or if you just want to shoot the breeze, in our Non-RM subforums, you can take the time to talk about how lazy you really are.

Any other forum topics that caught your eye? What do you think are the best things on the forum in the last month?

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