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It’s that time of year again, where all the students file their way despondently back into the classroom to listen to more boring lectures! And all the parents get to be happy that their kids are out of their hair!

And here at RPG Maker Web, we are huge fans of education, and using RPG Maker to learn! That is why we’ve decided that this is the perfect time to hold an RPG Maker Back to School sale! Most back to school sales will net you a few notebooks and a whole lot of college ruled paper, but this one will land you something much better:

Nearly everything RPG Maker is 30-50% off right now on the RPG Maker Web Store!

And, in the back to school spirit, it is time to announce our new community project: The RPG Maker MV School!

This will be a community built game, led by the RPG Maker Community Manager… Me! It will be about a brand new student “The Student” who comes to the RPG Maker MV School, which is right what it says on the tin: A school for learning RPG Maker MV. But there is more to the school than that! It is built on a nexus of time, space, and even dimension, and it itself grows and contracts to meet the needs of its students and faculty. One floor might look like your standard old school:

Front Lobby

While the next might be a cave, a starship, or even a… whale? Our imagination is the limits.

And you can help make this project all it can be in one of two ways, or do both!

You can make lessons for it, or you can just submit yourself to be an NPC! If you make a lesson, you get to put yourself in as the teacher, all other NPC submissions will be either students or non-teaching faculty. To learn more, head to our forums here!

So hit the store, grab those packs we know you’ve been eyeing, then head to the forums to immortalize yourself in our Ongoing MV School project, either as a student or really step it up in order to be a teacher!

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