Calm and the Fury: Winners

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It is finally time to announce the winners of the Calm and the Fury Art Contest!

There were many, many amazing entries, and both our staff and Hiroki Kikuta were incredibly impressed with the creativity of our fans. After much thought, he finally was able to select the winners.

3rd Place:
Joseph Seraph/Fury


2nd Place:
Stoic Seraphim/Calm:


1st Place:
Ekkoberry/Calm & Fury:


Thanks to everyone for their entries, and their interest in this contest! We are constantly amazed by the artistic talent and passion of our fans. Every person who finished an entry is a true winner, take that accomplishment, and carry that dedication into making your own games, and we’re sure you’ll finish something special.

The Calm and The Fury Soundtracks will be available soon, on Steam and our Store! So be on the look out for these wonderful cover images adorning the great pack by Hiroki Kikuta!

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